– Hi art friends! – [Adam] Hello art friends! – So today, we are drawing on some mugs. – [Adam] Yeah, mugs! – That’s not the right way round. (laughing) – [Adam] And also Monty’s back. We haven’t actually opened these. We have a rough idea as to what’s in them. Looks like you’ve got six
markers and a mug, so. Let’s get into these! – [Steph] Have you
managed to get into yours? – Yes, I need my mug. Oh, okay. Yeah, you do, you get six pens. These remind me of pens that
you get in primary school. And of course… – [Steph] Yeah, let’s see the mug. – [Adam] It’s a mug! – [Steph] You sniffing it? – It smells kind of like pencils. Now also, guys, this is
where we need your help. This isn’t just any video
drawing on mugs, right? I’ve been so excited
to use this in a video, you have no idea. – [Steph] Every week for
about the past three weeks, he’s been begging me. – No, but let me explain! We’re gonna design a
mug each, right, guys? And whoever wins, and you have to vote, you’ll see, we’ll do a little poll thing and it’ll have our names. Whoever wins, you’ve
gotta watch till the end, gets to win this. So, in next week’s video,
whoever you vote as the winner– – [Steph] Can wear the medal. – Yeah, the loser has
to give them the medal. They have to put it on like
in the Olympics and stuff. Remember to vote for me! Vote for me now! – [Steph] No, don’t! You’ll influence the votes, wait ’til you see the mugs!
– Vote for me! – [Steph] Anyway, I wanna have a look at what colours we’ve got. – [Adam] Vote for me! – [Steph] Stop that. – [Adam] You know, considering it’s a design your own mug thing, I
think that’s pretty generous. – [Steph] It’s quite a
limited colour palette. – Normally they’d just give
you, like, one, though. And you’d just write “I love
mugs,” and that’d be it. – [Steph] I still haven’t got into mine, so I’m gonna quickly open this. I’ll get you to open it. – Why’d you give it to me? (laughing) I will open this with the
power of mind control. – [Steph] A lot of the time
when I say I’m gonna do something, it means I’m gonna
get Adam to do it for me. – “Let me add this to Adam’s to-do list.” Here’s Mug Designing 101 if
you needed a tutorial, guys. Step 1: wipe with a
tissue, and you can start! Two: design and create! Three: Leave for one minute,
wipe, and it’s permanent. That’s kinda like when you wipe your bum. – [Steph] What? Leave it for one minute
and it’s permanent? – [Adam] Yeah, you gotta
make sure that you’re done. Leave it for a minute. Wipe, and it’s permanent. – I’m tempted to do some
swatching on the bottom to see what these look like. – [Adam] Is that a red? – [Steph] Yep. – [Adam] That’s quite nice. You know how I knew that was red? – [Steph] How? – [Adam] When you’re
recording on the camera, there’s a red record thing,
and it’s the same colour. – [Steph] Oh, so it matches the
record button on the camera. – [Adam] Queue the weekly comments: “Is Adam colour blind?” Yes! – [Steph] Have you ever seen, normally on the bottom
of packaging or whatever, near where the barcode
is, there’s normally like a bunch of colours and little circles? – [Adam] Yeah, that’s right, yeah. – [Steph] I think it’s like to
test the print, or something, like seeing why– – [Adam] I think it just has the colours that are actually used on
the packaging, I think? – [Steph] Yeah. So it might help me
look more professional. – [Adam] “I look professional,
I used all these colours.” – [Steph] You know, I
bet we could even use the Posca pens, as well. – [Adam] Yeah but the only thing is is that I think Posca pen,
it dries quite chalky. It’d, like, chip off. – But it’s advertised
as being able to draw on like anything. – [Adam] But I don’t think
these are paint markers. I’m not even sure what these are. What are you? – [Steph] Just ’cause they’re a bit faint. But if you want the
challenge to be using these, then we can… – [Adam] Yeah! You ain’t gettin’ that medal if you cheat. – [Steph] Okay, you’re rubbing your mug. – Yeah, I’m wiping it with a
tissue and then I can start. It’s very important. You broke the rules,
swatchin’ on the bottom. You’re meant to wipe your mug first. – [Steph] Okay. – That’s one point to me! – [Steph] No, stop it! – The medal’s as good as mine! I think I’m all wiped down, now. (laughing) – [Steph] You’re looking
at my swatches, see? That’s handy. – Playing the game, yeah. I was thinking, because
it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen him,
and you guys miss Monty, I’m gonna do a Monty-themed mug. Doin’ it for you, buddy. – [Steph] He looks enthralled. – I guess we should give this a try, now. – [Steph] I haven’t even thought of what I’m gonna do yet! – Oh it’s fine, we ain’t gonna rush. – [Steph] Fine for you! – Through the magic of editing, you will start soon! This will probably really confuse you, but I have an idea in mind. Wow, it is kind of permanent. Wow, if you mess up,
that’s gonna stay there. – [Steph] You’re scarin’ me! – I did notice, on your swatch thing, that the colours are kind of muted, so if you want something
a bit more poppin’, if you wanna use a Posca
pen, I guess that’s okay. – [Steph] But will I lose if you don’t? – [Adam] Yes. (both laughing) – It’s destined to fit now. – [Steph] I’m gonna move
this out of the way. It’s corrupting you. It’s like that thing in Harry Potter that made everyone evil. – It’s like, “Harry…” – [Steph] I think it
whistled in the movie. – That’s not a whistle. (whistling) That’d be so annoying. No wonder it drove everyone crazy. “Stop whistling at me!” The idea that I have in mind is, normally people hang
pinatas up to hit them, so I was gonna have lots
of little Montys hanging at various different levels. I thought it’d look quite cute. And I have a cute idea
for the handle, too. – [Steph] Oh, even the handle. I haven’t even thought about anything. – [Adam] “I’m just sitting here!” Oh wow, that’s quite… – [Steph] Yeah, it’s
really faint, isn’t it? You can always turn to the dark side and use the Posca pens. – [Adam] Look deep within yourself, you know it to be true. Well, well, well, what’ve we got here? – The colours were too muted, so I wanna use Posca pens! Don’t judge me! – [Adam] That’s 10 points from Gryffindor. – [Steph] Look how nice that colour is. – [Adam] Yeah, okay. Okay, you guys, she has a point. The colours do look better. I might use a white Posca
pen for Monty’s eyes. – Is that all? – [Adam] Yeah. I’ll try and use as few as possible, then. Hint, hint. Vote for me. – No, don’t for him! Since you’ve got things
all hanging down yours, I thought I’ll have things,
like, growing up mine. – Yeah, that’s a cool idea, yeah. This is what I’ve got so far. I hope this shows it, like,
kinda what I’m going for. – [Steph] Oh yeah. – Can have them all
sort of hanging around, and then I want, like, confetti and stuff. – [Steph] And, like, balloons? – Yeah! Like a party mug, yeah. – [Steph] Can you draw Monty’s girlfriend? ‘Cause everyone always sends us photos of Monty’s girlfriend. – Yeah, and his mum, and
his dad, and his nephews. Monty, you got a big family! ‘Cause Monty’s, like, base
colour, right, is gonna be yellow, should we make Monty’s girlfriend, should her base colour be pink, then? – [Steph] ‘Cause we have been sent ones of pink and lilac pinatas that look like– – There were even, like, unicorn ones that you guys have sent us, too. Actually, that would be quite cute, because he’s looking up there. – [Steph] Oh, are you gonna have them like looking at each other? – And they can have a
little heart or something. ‘Cause they’re in love. – [Steph] I like how you’re so dedicated to using those felt tips. – [Adam] I like them,
they layer quite well. You know you were saying
they’re quite muted. – [Steph] I know you’re gonna come to the evil Posca side eventually. – [Adam] But if you let
it dry and layer it, you can get a bit more
of a vibrant colour. But I probably will use Posca pens. I’m not trying to be, like, a
saint of using these things. That kinda looks like a raindrop flower. – [Steph] Yeah, at the
moment, I guess it does. – [Adam] How are you finding
the pens that it comes with? – The ones that it comes with? I’ve stopped using them! – [Adam] You’re not using them at all? – No! – [Adam] These neglected pens! – [Steph] I’m sorry! – [Adam] Oh, guys. – [Steph] At least they’re
on the bottom, that’s cool. – [Adam] Oh yeah, you got
the swatch treatment, guys. How does it feel to be
demoted to swatch treatment? – That’s a good thing! It’s a high honour to
be in swatch treatment. – [Adam] To the Swatch Brigade. Comment below if you’re
part of the Swatch Brigade. – [Steph] Now I’ve got
an interesting question. – Okay. – [Steph] As you can see,
I’ve started drawing on it like, this side, and I kind
of intend for this design to probably wrap around the whole way. But sometimes I have to
design mugs for the shop– – For Redbubble? Yeah, we have a Redbubble,
by the way, guys, link down below. – [Steph] And I always wonder which side are you meant to have
the design on with a cup? Is that the right side? Or is that the right side? ‘Cause sometimes you can have a design that’s only on, like, the front of a mug. And I don’t know which way is, like, I’d presume that was the right way, but. – [Adam] I guess it depends if
you’re left or right handed. – [Steph] But is there, like, a norm to where the design should be? – Are you talking, like,
specific mug design rules? – [Steph] Yeah, ’cause whenever
I’ve been on Redbubble, it doesn’t really specify
which side it should be on, and you can kinda pick, but I was like, I don’t know which one’s the right one! – I guess, maybe? – [Steph] I usually attempt to just do it round the entire mug to avoid having to decide.
– All the designs! – [Steph] I’m sure no one
ever thinks about this, but whenever I look at mugs now, I’m like, is that meant to be the
left way, or the right way? – What would Redbubble do? I don’t know, yeah. If you guys know, if you design
mugs for a living, maybe? – [Steph] Or if you
just have a lot of mugs, which way is the design, usually? – If you’re a mug collector, we need you! – [Adam] I was wondering, did you wipe your mug before you started? – No. Oh no, I just smudged mine! – [Adam] Oh, minus 20 points! You smudged it! – Mugs are such an
awkward shape to draw on. – [Adam] “I hate mugs, why
did you suggest this idea!” – [Steph] I was trying to do
that in the gold, originally, but this one, it’s got, like a metal nip. – [Adam] Oh, it’s like a fineliner, yeah. – [Steph] Yeah, and it doesn’t really like drawing on the mugs as much. Whereas these kinda tipped ones, they’re loving it. – [Adam] They’re more
like the felty tip ones. We have so many Posca pens now! – [Steph] Yeah! I wonder if there’s a
way to, like, seal it. – No, it just says that… – [Steph] No, I mean, the Posca pens, I wonder if there’s something. You know, like people sometimes
use Mod Podge and stuff? I wonder if that could be used to seal it? – If you guys know, let us know. If there’s a way to make
Posca pens safe to use, if you know of a way. – [Steph] Safe to use? – Well, you know, to eat and drink off of? Obviously we won’t do it
without researching it first, but if you guys know, let us know. – [Steph] Have you just
grabbed a Posca pen? – Don’t look at me! The colours of the
markers that come with it are actually mixing together,
making different colours. Hey, have you like started
again or something? – No, it’s this side that’s
got the drawings on it. I don’t know whether to, like, really colour up just this one side. – [Adam] Let me see. – Or if I should put it
round the whole thing. – [Adam] Well it’s your design, so. There aren’t any rules, you can design it however you want. Oh wow, the roses are really cute. This is what I’m working with so far. – I’m getting the heebie-jeebies. I’m Googling caterpillars. They’re grossing me out. – [Adam] Look at this pure love story. Monty and his girlfriend, Gertrude. – [Steph] I thought her name was Leilah? – [Adam] Was it Leilah? I thought it was Gertrude.
– I think it was Leilah. In the art shopping vlog
we saw “Monty for Leilah.” – [Adam] Oh, yeah, yeah. – Or was it Leia or something? – [Adam] Who’s Gertrude, Monty? Have you been two-timing again? This awesome handle is
making me a bit nervous. – [Steph] I’ll never be able to pick it up ’cause it’ll scratch off
the design, I imagine. – [Adam] I think yours
would just look really cute as, like, an ornamental one? It’s kind of getting to the point where I wouldn’t want you to use it. ‘Cause it looks pretty cute. – It’s too cute to use. – [Adam] I would be so sad
if you wore off that bee. I found a friend. – Oh no, not this guy. No, not the sad bee purse. – [Adam] “Makes me sad, he’ll
be forever alone on his mug.” – [Steph] If you haven’t
been introduced to this guy, it’s a nice purse that I bought for myself that Adam always says
looks really miserable because of this crease at the front of it. It looks like a sad face. – [Adam] He’s also a coffin for two Elsas. – Yeah, there’s two Elsas in there. You’ve left one of these
uncapped on the bed. – [Adam] Oh no, it finally
happened, guys, look! I’m kind of proud of myself. – [Steph] You’re proud of yourself? – [Adam] I stained the bed! – [Steph] Oh you’re recording! I mean, you’re inking. – [Adam] No, you’re recording, honey! What is camera? – [Steph] That looks so cool! – [Adam] Do you like it? – [Steph] Yeah. – [Adam] So it’s kind
of like a family reunion where everyone hangs from the ceiling. – [Steph] Everyone literally
hangs out together. – [Adam] Is that what a
pinata says to another pinata when they wanna go somewhere? – [Steph] “Do you wanna hang out?” – [Adam] “Do you wanna hang out with me?” Just checking out the opposition. – [Steph] The opposition. – [Adam] What kinda plant’s that? – [Steph] It’s meant to be some kind of a thistley looking thing,
I’ve got two of them. – [Adam] You’re getting pretty close to going all the way around now. – [Steph] That’s what
I’ve been trying to do, and it’s taken ages to
wrap the whole thing. – [Adam] We always use super
flower aesthetic goals. – [Steph] Flower aesthetic goals? Is that a thing? – [Adam] It is now. – Do any of you guys have
flower aesthetic goals? – [Adam] I’ve got to do the handle next. – I want to see what you’re
gonna do with the handle, ’cause you’ve had an idea
for that from the beginning. – [Adam] I’m going for that kind of, like, 90’s birthday party look. Now I need to do this. I have a cool idea for this. Well I think it’s cool, you
might think it’s really lame. – I might do. – [Adam] What? No! – Can’t make any promises over here. – [Adam] You’re supposed
to support my decisions! – You have to impress me now! What you up to? – I’m writing a secret
message on the bottom. You’re not allowed to
read it until the end. – [Steph] Can I put a secret
message on the bottom of mine? – No, it’s just full of ugly swatches! (laughing) Why, what would you put at the bottom? – [Steph] It’s a secret, I can’t tell you. – [Adam] Oh, successful
businessman Port Jackson! Who do you think should win the vote? “I’m Port Jackson, and
me and my big crescent “vote for Adam, ’cause
he loves aquatic life!” – [Steph] Stop trying to
campaign in our video! I never campaign! – [Adam] “I’m gonna
throw my crescent at you. “Right before I eat it.” That’s a good thumbnail. Okay, you ready for the big reveal? – Yeah, you ready for the big mug reveal? – [Adam] We’ve got podiums and everything. – [Steph] This is my podium. So firstly, let me give
you a tour of my mug. Firstly, we’ve got the handle. – [Adam] The handle’s the
thing that makes me nervous. – [Steph] It’s got a bee on it. Keep spinning. Got these flowers round here, not sure if you guys saw these. – [Adam] It’s like a little mangy daisy. – [Steph] It’s not a mangy daisy! I’m proud of the roses. – [Adam] Yeah, the roses
are cute, I like them. Seriously, I do like your design. – [Steph] There’s a message underneath, but let’s have a tour
round your cup, first. Aww, rainbow handle! – [Adam] No, it’s his tail! That’s very important. Rainbow handle, please. It tells a story, right? Monty was just sort of
very lonely one day, and he was feeling kind of down, and then one day he met
the love of his life. But it was just a dream. – [Steph] (laughs) Okay,
that’s a very nice story. It’s kind of depressing. – [Adam] Do you like the
90’s pattern aesthetic I’m going for? – [Steph] Yeah, it’s wonderful. So can we see the underneath of the mugs? Who’s going first? – Do you want me to go first? Do you want me to read yours first? – [Steph] Okay. – You ready? What’ve you got under here? No, I don’t wanna say that! Okay, if I say this,
you’ve got to say that. Cool swatch mug by Steph, kiss. See? – [Steph] Isn’t that cool? – All right, I’m gonna
film you saying mine now. – Based on the theme of this mug, I feel like it’s gonna be
something really depressing. – [Adam] No, it’s not depressing! – It’s gonna say, like, “Forever alone!” – [Adam] What’s worse, though? Not having a love, or never
dreaming you’ll have one? – Let’s just turn over the mug. – [Adam] Turn it over, read it out loud. – Not for resale. Monty is not a sellout. Vote for Adam. (laughing) – [Adam] And on that, we
should probably end the video. Vote for me! – I’ll put a poll above if you wanna vote. – [Adam] Yeah, poll’s over there. – Remember to please vote for me, ’cause there’s been a lot
of propaganda in this video. – [Adam] No, vote for me. – If you wanna see another
video that’s kinda similar, check out our drawing on plates video. – [Adam] Don’t forget to ring the notification bell,
it’s very important. – Yeah, look at this little dancing notification bell man. – [Adam] 9/10 voters click the bell! – See you again next week! – [Both] Doodle Date! – [Adam] “I’m Port Jackson. “When I’m not eating
croissants out of focus, “I ring the notification bell!.”

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