Dreamtime at the G | RMIT University

I’m culturally a Ngunnawal-Ngarigo man by descent. On top of that, I’m also a failed musician,
a comedian, a cricket player. And there are lots of plights and successes
to my story and it’s just one of many. The magic part is, identity is always a gathering
of what you have experienced in the past and where you have come from. You might hear, that I’m not even Australian. To realise that and make a difference is part of what I am. To me, building bridges is quite simple. Welcome everybody into an opportunity. The world is full of opportunities and sometimes
they have been shut away. I mean, it’s part of what Australia is. Diversity benefits us all, shared understanding
benefits us all. A shared future for all diversity in Australia,
that’s a no-brainer for me. You know this beautiful country that we all
live, coming together and becoming one. Being one united nation will help us move
forward together. It gives the community a chance to come together,
united as one people and one mob. We want a shared future.

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