Dunn-Edwards Color + Design 2020: Fresh and Free

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Fresh and Free. Just focus on breath. [FLUTE MUSIC] The day. The week. The year. Everything I need to do. Everything I forgot to do. Things I don’t want to do. Things I wish I had never done. Inhale. [INHALES] Exhale. [EXHALES] Feel
yourself floating. [CHIMES, BIRDS CHIRPING] This is the new me. I am air. I am water. I am everything at once. [WATER FLOWING] [FROG CROAKING] How did that get here? Release any thoughts
that come your way. Just relax. You embrace the unknown. I embrace the unknown. [MOTOR] Did you turn off the oven? I don’t know. Begin again. Breathe in. [INHALES] Now, breathe out. [EXHALES] Oh. Hold on a second. Does anyone here
drive a green sedan? Your lights are on. [THUMP] [FLUTE MUSIC] I embrace my car’s
draining battery. [DING] Where was I? The breathing. Here we go. Here we go. [BREATHES DEEPLY] Don’t
think about that car at all. Breathe in. [INHALES] [FLUTE MUSIC] [CYMBAL] Great class. Can somebody give me a ride? [CHIMES]

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