Eastbound I-4 exits shifting

grow this holiday prepare for big changes along i-4 near downtown Orlando news 6 is Jerry asking is following the changes we’ll see starting tomorrow Jerry yeah Matt and I tell you I four ultimate project workers are encouraging drivers to be safe and be careful it’s all happening as they’re working to make the roads here more efficient now though 2x is behind me par exit and Fairbanks exit they’re gonna actually merge a mouth sooner and combined with an earlier exit the Princeton Street exit is mind you it’s all happening as the holiday rush is right now ramping up for many drivers more traffic changes here on i-4 mean more headaches for the people who live here it’s a pain for the people coming in and out of the city it’s you get a little hectic but workers with the i-4 ultimate project says it is all being done to build a better i-4 and build more permanent eastbound I four lanes so beginning at 5:00 a.m. the eastbound I four it’s a par Street and Fairbanks Avenue that ramp will close and combined with the Princeton Street exit which comes a mile and a half sooner it’s already crowded all the time putting all those exits together is just it’s a mess so once again to be clear that means drivers who want to exit Princeton Street far street or Fairbanks Avenue will all get off at exit 85 that’s the Princeton Street exit round yeah before hitting this change again you’re being asked to slow down and this affects about 26,000 drivers daily will have huge impacts on Winter Park and College Park for sure and to be clear there are three signs warning drivers as far south that’s the 408 about these changes we’re live in Orange County I’m Jerry asked in new six

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