Easy Rangoli : How to Make Rangoli Under Water Tutorial for Beginners | Diwali Special Rangoli

Welcome to StylEnrich Rangoli Tutorial In this video we will show how to make under water Rangoli. Making beautiful Rangoli design under water is not difficult. Here we will show you the technique of drawing underwater Rangoli. Things You Need: Steel Plate, Blue Pebbles, Rangoli colors, Coconut Oil, Ear Bud, Decorative beads Lets start by taking a steel plate and apply some coconut oil on it as shown. Now take the blue bubbles / pebbles and place it on the plate. Take the decorative beads and set it on the plate as shown. Now, put some Rangoli colors using a tea strainer. Take an ear bud and draw a flower shape on the Rangoli colors. Now gently tap the Rangoli colors so that it sticks to the surface of the plate. Place a blue bubble at the center of the flower design. Add some more colors to the rangoli design to complete the look and tap the colors to set it on the plate. Now, slowly add water to the plate using a spoon. Wow! An amazing Rangoli design under water is now ready It serves perfect for the occasion of Diwali You can place floating candles on the surface of the plate Try this unique underwater rangoli and share your experiences and feedback with us Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!!

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