Exhibition – English vocabulary

Hi. This is MonkeyEnglish. What are you doing? I am painting. Can I try it? No. You are not an artist. And now? Lukas, you are not an artist, but you can visit my exhibition. Ok. This is a paintbrush. This is a paint. I am painting. I am an artist. I am installing the exhibition. This is a frame. And this is canvas. The canvas is attached to the frame. This is a hook. I am hanging the painting on the hook. The painting is hanging now. I am straightening the painting. This is the largest painting. Are you asking about the size? It’s 140cm wide and 90cm high. The tag is showing the name of the painting. My paintings are on show now. This is my exhibition. And it’s time to have my coffee. This is a special place It’s a café. It’s name is LARY FARY. Handicapped adults serve here.

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