Exploring Swimming Pool Underwater!

– Honey, I’m home! (screaming) (water splashing) – [Missy] How’s the water? – Good! Our pool party has finally started! – Who’s ready to do an Easter egg hunt? (cheering) ♪ Wherever you are, that’s
where I want to be, yeah ♪ ♪ That’s where, that’s where,
that’s where I want to be ♪ ♪ This is home ♪ – [All] Good morning! (cheering and laughing) – [Missy] How’s the water? – Good!
– Good? Good morning guys, we
are starting our day off, oh, it’s a bit windy. I had to find a little
tunnel because it’s so windy! We are starting our morning off swimming! Go for it, Finn! – Mom, it’s cold! – Oh no, it’s cold? We try and heat our pool but it’s not always super, super warm. I think it feels nice though. How does it feel to you? – [Ollie] It’s a little warm. – A little warm? Whoop, there he goes. Finn, do you only swim
in super warm pools? (laughing) Yeah. You guys, thumbs up this video for all the summer fun we’re about to have! Finn, what did you find? Are there Easter eggs out there? Oh my goodness, we still
have so many Easter eggs out in the yard. – I want to go out there! – You want to go out there and get them? Go ahead, go get them! I think we’re going to
have to have a little bit of fun with these Easter eggs because they are all over my yard. We might just have to go on a
little Easter egg hunt later. Oh, those ones are already open? If you haven’t seen our
super fun Easter vlog, we had a blast with
25,000 ball pit balls and tons of Easter surprises,
we had so much fun, so I’ll have it linked up in the I-card, you guys can check it out. But today, we’re swimming
and I think this is Oliver and Finn’s favorite thing to do. (cheerful music) Ollie, what is your favorite thing to do during the summer time? – Relaxing by the pool. – Oh my goodness, he does this all day, almost every single day when
it is warm out, it is so funny. And that reminds me, I
wanted to ask you guys what is your favorite thing
to do during the summer time? I definitely love just
sitting in this day bed and enjoying the kids in the pool, it’s just my favorite, favorite thing. Bryan is actually getting
ready to leave for the studio. He’s got to get some work done and so we’re just going to be
relaxing by the pool today, waiting for him to get home. – Our pool party has finally started! (cheering) – Woo, look who’s here, we’ve got Jude and Joelle and Amelia. It is definitely summer time because all the kids are
over, we’re all swimming and the water feels great. Okay, so I just went around my yard, and I found so many leftover
eggs in the backyard. Check this out. I’ve already refilled them and sealed them because I had a really fun idea but yeah, this is how many eggs
I found in the backyard just by walking around, I bet
there’s even more back there which is kind of funny. But, I’ve sealed them
up with rocks and candy and all kinds of fun stuff, and I even have one filled
with something kind of yucky but I thought it would be fun since all the kids are over right now. I’m going to throw these
eggs into the pool and let the kids go on an
Easter egg hunt underwater. I thought that would
be a kind of fun idea, I think they’ll love it. These things are filled with
all kinds of cool stuff, we’ll show them to you
once we get them all found. I’m so excited, the
kids are going to think this is so awesome! Ollie is just always
looking to do something fun with his friends and I
think this will be perfect, especially since it’s right after Easter and we just have tons of Easter eggs laying around the house. Alright, I got the kids all gathered here. And, I just went out on an
Easter egg hunt in the backyard and there were tons of
Easter eggs leftover. So you know what I did? – What? – I filled them with rocks
and all kinds of goodies and I threw them in the pool for you guys to go on a little Easter
egg hunt and find, okay? Who’s ready to do an Easter egg hunt? (kids cheering) – Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) Jude, you found so many! (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) – I got one with skittles in it! – [Missy] Oh, nice,
oh, what’s in that one? – Rocks.
– Rocks and what? – What, broccoli?! (laughing) – [Missy] Oh my goodness! It’s not ruined from the water? – Yeah! – [Missy] Nice, alright,
one candy each, okay? – Chocolate ones. – [Missy] Oh, M&M’s, yum! – I love skittles! (Finn crying) – [Missy] Oh no! Alright Finn is opening his Easter egg, what’d you get? – Rocks and candy! – [Missy] More candy, do
you think it’s ruined? Let’s find out, open it up, let’s see! Not too bad, huh, you can eat that. How is it? – Good. – Alright we are winding down right now because we spent most of
the day out in the sun and the boys are resting, I’m
going to show you right now. (door creaking) (movie playing in background) – I let them watch a movie in my room and Finn falls asleep, just so cute. He was exhausted, Ollie is now napping, so I think I’m actually
going to nap on the couch. – Honey, I’m home! Hey guys, yes I am home from work. I just got back from the studio. I’ve been spending a lot
of time there, you guys. In case you don’t know, I
opened up a music studio. It’s like 10 or 15 minutes from our house, so it’s super easy to commute to. But it’s basically like my new job, I basically got a job you guys. So I get to hang out there and make music all the time. And I’ll take you guys a couple of times but we’re actually working
on some secret stuff because it’s going to
be the first songs back. So, we’ve already finished the first one and today we basically
established the second one and we have a whole
session filled out for it. I am so excited with where my music and where my artistry is headed, but now I’m home, it’s time
to start cooking dinner, it’s a beautiful day, so
I want to see my boys. And I want to hang outside,
where are all the boys? – [Missy] Boys are right here. – [Bryan] (gasps) I’ve got a boy there! And lots and lots of wine. Did you go to the wine store today, babe? – Yes. (laughing) – Missy just started liking wine so she got a couple of her favorites. I’m sure Hannah helped, right? We are cutting up some chicken and I think it’s a perfect
day to do some grilling. – I know, so I had
Hannah come over here and make all the same size
chicken tenders but she decided to cut them all super small. – [Bryan] Oh, like chunks? – Yes! – Hannah! Why did you have someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, do your job? – I thought, she said,
oh, I can cut it for you, and I was like, oh, okay great, and I’m like, what are you doing? (laughing) – You want some cheese, Finn? Someone’s a little grumpy. (kissing) What’s up, girl, how you doing? Oh, and, what’s up girl? Oh my gosh. What are you wearing, Ollie? (laughing) You need to put that away, right now. Did you get that out of mommy’s closet? – It was in that. – Missy, babe, you can’t leave your chicken cutlets lying around. Oh, it’s bright, what are you doing? – It’s a blow dryer, I can’t turn it on. – [Bryan] Oh, you want me to help you? – Yeah. (leaf blower beeps) – [Bryan] You know how this thing works? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Okay. (leaf blower whirring) – Okay, okay, that’s enough, thank you! My hair was good enough. (leaf blower whirring) Stop it! (laughing) You, okay, get them! (leaf blower whirring) If you guys didn’t see,
just a couple days ago, there was a huge Easter bouncy house here full of ball-pit balls, but
now there’s just remnants. Hey, what’s up, what do you want to do? – I want you to open that. – [Bryan] Oh, you want to do T-ball? (kisses) – Love you, yeah, we can do T-ball. Ready? We got our T-ball set up and now, we’re going to do some swinging. You ready? Do you know how to use this thing? Ready? Three, two, one, swing! (thuds) – Oh, always keep your
eye on the ball, okay? Keep your eye on the ball,
always eye on the ball, ready? Three, two. (thuds) That was a little better. Alright Finn, can you
show me how it’s done? Alright! Three, two, one, go! Aw, almost! Swing! Oh, good job, dude, now
run and go get the ball. Put your bat down, throw
your bat on the ground, now go and get your ball. – Throw it over there. – [Bryan] Yep, throw it over there, and then run and get the ball. Yay, wait, is that the
bush you just peed in? – Yeah. – [Bryan] That’s kind of gross. Grill says it’s about 450 degrees, I think that should be
pretty good, woo, hot! Brussels sprouts galore, you think that’s enough brussels, babe? – Ha, yeah. – Speaking of the studio, we
have dinner going right now, but I wanted to show you what we have going on in the garage. Check it out, we got a
little DIY project going on. We have some book cases here, lots and lots of book cases and these are actually
going to go in the studio. So, Jim put these together and I have been staining
them the past couple of days and getting them to a coat that I like. I think I really like this one. This one went really nice and dark. These are the shelves, which look how good
those look in the light. Ollie, look at these shelves. What do you think? – They look so cool. – They’re going to be for my studio. I’m so excited because we’re going to have a huge part in my studio where it’s basically wall
to ceiling book cases and we’re going to have lots of fun things displayed on them. This is like, kind of
starting to come along. What’s cool is, Jim and I
are basically doing this now all ourselves and the
entire project was originally quoted us something huge. If you guys want to know
what the amount that we were quoted was, hit
that thumbs up button and maybe I’ll tell you in another video. We were quoted something
ridiculous for this and we’re trying to do
this on a tighter budget so it’s fun to kind of combat that, so if you guys want to know
hit that thumps up button. Alright, Finn is going
to attempt a bottle flip, go ahead buddy. (bottle bangs) – [Bryan] Aw! – It has to be, it can’t
be all the way full. – [Bryan] Oh yeah, sometimes
it helps if it’s half full. – [Missy] Alright, drink
it half way, you ready? Chug, chug! – Dinner turned out so good, you guys. We’re just having a little
family dinner here at the table. – Oh my gosh. – [Bryan] What’s up, what? – I have such a wiggly tooth. – You have a wiggly tooth?
– That’s good! – [Ollie] It’s the top one! (gasps) – Let me see! – Okay so apparently Ollie
has a new wiggly tooth. Did you just figure this out at dinner? – [Finn] Not me, not me! – Can I feel? That’s pretty wiggly. – Whoa, Ollie’s going to
lose his front teeth soon! – [Finn] Not me! – Not you, your teeth are good? – [Missy] He’s going to have two missing teeth for Christmas. – No, I have three, one, two, three. – There’s a cockroach on the ground. – Isn’t that cool, Ollie? – I have a little surprise for Finn. What do you think it is,
what do you think it is? – Three, two, one. (upbeat music)

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