Faces of EPA: Rosemary Hall

[Running water]
Rosemary Hall: We have the luxury of having access to clean water on a daily basis without
thinking about it very much. We turn on the tap and it’s there for you because we have
protections in place. My name is Rosemary Hall, I’m an aquatic ecologist with
the Environmental Protection Agency. My focus is wetlands regulatory where EPA conducts
environmental review of projects where someone is proposing to fill in wetlands or streams. Wetlands and streams are rare and unique environments that we’re losing due to construction and
progress and just expansion of populations all over the world. You have pesticides coming
off the land into a stream that will impact insects and wildlife there in a certain way.
Understanding how those can impact the entire ecosystem is part of the questions that ecotoxicologists will ask. I have always been interested in protecting aquatic environments. Early on
I was interested in marine environments, and coastal and ocean environments, and with time
that has shifted more towards fresh water ecosystems. [water] Freshwater ecosystems
include streams, major rivers to very small things that you almost might not notice walking
past them to wetlands. The swamps like Okefenokee or the Everglades to smaller ones that may be
in your back yard or your neighborhood that you would not recognize as a wetland either,
but they still support wildlife vegetation unique systems. I would love for people to
feel a connection to aquatic environments, to wetlands and streams around them and understand
the choices we make in our daily lives influence those environments and those environments
are critically important to us. [water] I feel like being part of the EPA is being part
of an organization of people that are really very passionate about caring for the environment
and protecting our resources. [water] It’s a public trust. [music]

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  • epa allso is a sell out to poison people for their own profit . don't believe me then why is it always money that fixes things vs mother nature

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