Family day out at the Aquatic Centre – Sydney Weekender

But first up Mel’s got the whole family covered. What do you do when weekends and school holidays
hit and you need mum, dad and the kids to all agree on one place to go. You head to the Aquatic Centre at Sydney Olympic
Park where there’s so much going on, everyone will be happy. Okay dad what do you want to do? I want to go to the gym. Mum? Relaxation, Boys? Pool. Guess what we can do it all, let’s split. I think I’ll go with mum. A day out at the Aquatic Centre means kids
10 and over don’t have to hang around mum and dads heels, in this case, the boys are straight to Splashers
Water Playground while mum is worlds away getting a massage. At the Aquatic Centre you can have all kinds
of massages, Sports, Remedial, Relaxation. Averil what are you having? I’m having a Relaxation and it’s heaven. Ooh, okay well sold, I’ll have one after her. It’s not only a massage on mums agenda. She can take part in a water aerobics class
where Amanda will run you through an easy going routine or kick things up a notch in a body shape
fitness class which is great for the mums with real little ones. You can leave the kids in the creche, we have
a mini club for the younger children. So you mummies can have some me time. The mums can come and have their own time,
they can have a workout, I think it’s one thing that we often miss
out on. Back at the main pool the kids are living
it up on the River Rapid Waterslide and
just in case you’re wondering, yes, the boys are 100 per cent supervised
at all times. So the grown ups really can be care free. After mums relaxing morning, I let her enjoy
some more me time in the sauna, now to see what dads up to. Over on the other side of the Aquatic Centre
is a huge gym and you know it’s going to be good when Olympic Athletes have trained here. Dad, Peter is working up a sweat in the gyms cardio theatre. Solo time for dad huh? Yeh, How are you enjoying it? Yeh Oh, it’s great, it’s not too often when I get a bit of time for myself Yeh, oh, its great, it’s not too often when I get a bit of time for myself.That’s the thing I love about coming here
is that there is something for all of us to That’s the thing I love about coming here. While mums off getting a massage, I get a
bit of time with the kids. I can come in here and have a workout, perfect
everyone goes home happy, yeh. Tops, I think I should leave you to it then,
alright. I’m not quite sure whether I should hit up
the gym myself or perhaps a coffee is calling. Then again, that pool does look super fun. Boys, how are you? Are you having fun? Yes, it was awesome. What was awesome? What have you been up to? Oh well we went in the whirlpool and the slide. Oh my gosh oh we’re all here, look at that. Okay then whose had the best time? I have, me. Mel, yeh, want to try the slide. The slide? Okay, let’s get ready and go, come on show
me the way. Have an awesome day out with the family at
the Aquatic Centre at Sydney Olympic Park. Entry won’t break the bank, just $25 bucks
for a family of five and it’s open every day. It’s one of so many places you can visit at
Sydney Olympic Park. For more ideas jump on to their website

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