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what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday maybe how’s
everybody doing I’m doing well I am at the Americans live bears
convention here this is my first ever American libraries convention I drove
from Lexington I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to it or not had the bad
knee bad knee is healed up drove five hours stiff first one of these shows
first and foremost just to give shoutouts to where shoutouts are do the
math I Club that did some strong fishtank people right they’ve had me out
anybody’s been out here and you click the links around I’ve done fish room
tours of Mike Hailwood Gary Lang Chuck Cramer they’re all here right so this is
like a very like strong Mecca great club they actually had to have been here they
had their big squat Swamy auction last week so they’re like a really hardcore
area in st. Louis so I’m thrilled to be out here with these folks whether they
were having a convention or not tons of great fish tank people sofa I am here
today and I am going to show you guys around the jumpy convention I’ve got Jim
Alderson here you gave a great talk I’m about to peel them away then so kind to
give us a tour around all these Guppies you can see a lot of stuff going on
behind me they’re going to do judging here in about in about I don’t know 15
20 minutes so I’m going to probably get some clips of that too but Jim if I can
steal you sir and you can say you want to say the cliche thing I say what’s up
fish tank people so you could say you know say hello and introduce yourself to
the wonderful YouTube world of people that aren’t fooling with governors and
say hello hi there my name is Jim Alderson hi there what’s up fish tank
people you need see I knew you scare the all right so rigor at the IFTA show in
st. Louis the gate late dumpy associate okay and now I was born in 1981 just
called it’s been around since 1965 I correct so you lose people are like
descent days of Duffy’s if you will they got a lot of super knowledge some really
great guidelines and I’m just kind of humbled and I
really want to break it down because it’s like I know you keep Gophers and we
don’t want to go there but like there’s some very strict things that go in and
Guppies that like there’s there’s different categories so we’re going to
show some of that but I just want to really give a duppy tour and have you
kind of lead the way you’ve been a judge for a number of years so where do we
start Jim take a look well let’s take a look at some of the basics of the IFTA
international fancy ducky Association Guppies these are companies that have
been bred for many times 30 40 years towards a Pacific standard that’s
awesome so we are going to take a lunar direction we’re lead the way male let’s
give a nice ok we’re pretty slow so let’s take a look here we have some of
the green this is a green tank so by the word tank that means there are two fish
in the tank and they are supposed to match as well as possible another
supposed to look like each other and so we are taking a look at these
now the criteria is that they have to have a delta or veil tail okay which
means angle the tail has to be 50 or 60 degrees or 45 degrees and they have to
have a green tail with a matching dorsal fin the matching dorsal fin is something
unique to your is that correct well that is kind of unique to our standards in
Europe and the other European and Asian standards they don’t require that the
fish have a matching dorsal but in the US we do and just so you know I was
listening to you talk about 1970 was when that was first or something around
that well but prior to that it’s always been in our standards but prior to that
most of the fish had a white dorsal fin no matter what color the tail was got
narrow or where some other example it should be so here you have some greens
and you can see these have a little bit narrow angle more of a narrow angle to
the tail they would be veiled here we have some greens without the tails okay
and they get a certain number of points for the quality of the fish and then
they also get a certain number of points for the degree in which they match you
can see the quality of these fish it’s not quite the quality of
the fish next door which are much better so that would be one example of how we
can judge them in Maycomb placing okay the next class over our half black red
so in this class again because it’s a tank class there has to be two matching
males but their body has to be half black and they have to have a red tail
and a red dorsal fin and to qualify to enter in the class so for most of the
classes the class determination which class the fish goes in this placement is
based on the caudal fin coming on the tail fin ma okay so we do have albino
classes which is based on the eye color and in the tail color and so you can see
there’s various levels of quality and our judges undergo very rigorous
training have to have a 90% right nineteen the written judges test they
have to have a 90 percent on the the judging exam and on the visual lab that
100% Wow okay so it usually takes an individual anywhere from three to five
years to get there judging card okay and these are just showing the different
classes here these are purple so again the criteria would be the tail color
after the a purple tail and the dorsal fins should match and they get points
for both the quality of the fish and also for the degree in which they match
now when we were looking at color we divided the color up into two categories
one is in density which is basically the debris or coverage or how much purple
covers the tail can you give me an example of this or site overall pretty
much 100% density in other words they all have purple tails but then we look
at the intensity which is how vibrant the color is and you can see these are a
little bit darker and their intensities monica’s good as compared to this pair
up here where the color is more vibrant Wow color in the body should match the
color in the coddle so these fish will have points deducted for the green that
is coloring Baja purple okay so those are just a couple of the points that we
would point out in judging the fish Wow and it’s just the next tank or multi and
so the first thing we have to look at with each entry is these are insane like
I wish I wasn’t holding the camera so I could just focus in my own eyes on them
but well in this class we have to have three or more colors so this particular
pair is going to be in trouble because they basically only have two color so
they may get disqualified so these are here are in trouble because they don’t
have trouble because they don’t have enough of a third color a minimum of 15%
of a third color so they don’t then if someone enters a fish that in a class
does not meet the standards the judges have the prerogative of disqualifying so
give me an example of a good three to three colors okay fish you have three
colors you can see how to read a light green and a black in the tail okay so we
have the three colors and again at least 15% of the third color now these are
another example of three colors you see the white and your talk you said about
how they got to be swimming around in the active so these guys are getting
points for the inactivity and all that we call that deportment okay so there’s
so many points allotted for deportment and is there sitting on the bottom of
the tank like this fair up here we’re going to
get fewer points for deportment so definitely efficient active and
swimming in front of the judges is going to score better than the fish that is
not Wow and these are and I I have some photos
of your fish room and I’m going to wonderfully edit over this to be able
get to your setup because I took pictures of it during your talk so
alright so we are on to the HB yellow all right so these aren’t very good
button okay let’s move on to these this class all right no just I’m just going
to say from like a novice perspective he kind of whatever likes to me I don’t do
that like that well you know because I’m just giving from like the layman like
I’m looking at that going like well you know these are half like yellows okay
you can see some of the half blacks is bleeding into the tail on the one fish
okay and also the tail shape is four on the trailing edge okay we’ve got a
rounded corners and there’s some indentations in the dye gotcha okay so
the loose points for that the one fish is partially clamped got so the loose
points for that so all right I just I wanted to point out to like as Johnny
novice here like I’m going oh that’s a pretty sweet flow then your eye gets
better and you learn your about so we have one of our classes we have two
classes for our vinyls we have red albinos in any other color alliance so
these would be any other color than red and you can see these are some blue
albinos they have a nice caudal two dorsal match and they also have a nice
body color match to their complement weird score big points for matching all
around the idea if it’s a blue fish then the body should be blue and the dorsal
density and I just want to reiterate this we’re looking at two fish in this
because we’re going to go in a second we’re going to go to the single so this
is this is harder to do because you’ve got much harder much harder so this is a
and they get twice as many points for winning with paint class
as we single out okay this is a sort deal class we have closed down single
sort your classes and bubble sort in classes and those are single obviously
in our tails yeah okay where to next one let’s go over go ahead you’re good alright so singles and Chuck introduced
you as a populate what was it population excuse us folks okay these are the
single green entries and you notice when you get into your solid color it gets a
lot more competitive because the quality goes up and you can see these top two
green males very large fish and we can have as many as 30 fish competing for
first or fourth wow this is the one you’re talking about there’s that would
be one through thirty one of the classes you can see we have twelve fourteen
seventeen courtesy twelve plus three fifteen entries in this one class and
they’re not done benching yet so I give some numbers on that you talked about at
AE there was like six six hundred entries and you’ve seen shows a thousand
total well the last show was 650 entry where was that fell three weeks ago in
Chicago okay area and but we at the annual show we can have as many as 950
and Wow so that’s 950 individual balls for the fish so some of your solid color
stocks is like red blue green and purple may have on the 32 entry so I usually do
not recommend that a novice start with the most popular solid colors
accordingly get discouraged because they show so many years without placing you
really have to have a nice two plates in the top floor and
furthermore sometimes only a few points separates first from fourth and you told
me you mentioned that show you had it was like a few points and it was 600 yes
very tough class like this two or three points can separate the toilet or this
guy here now these are half like AOC these are what they are seeing any other
color I so we have a lot of half black classes like half black red black blue
at black green but if we don’t have a class that fits the color fish you raise
this is the classic goes on so you got a better shot here if it is maybe very
cool great specifically for this class so there’s people that have fifty or
hundred tanks just devoted to this one color so you can see the popular color
in this class is some sort of white with black spots but you can see there’s some
variants up here here is a mint green color with black spots in this fish
going to top so it’s half black a OC means any other color other than say
half light blue cap like red half light green half white purple that we already
have classes gotcha gotcha Wow we’ve got half black yellows where
to next I mean just just to give you guys a
scope of this like this is here this whole setup over here everything we just
saw this whole wall a lot of like just really great just examples I mean this
is I’m just showing the Reds just for and Jim lead the way my friend best riff I want to see some of your
fish okay on this guy’s we usually go we try as we’re doing the judging everybody
likes for the fish to be anonymous so I make you know whose fish is on the bench
you’re not allowed that make sense or if you even listen says bring my fish to
the show for me you cannot judge those fish okay
okay because that means you have prior expense of the fish so we try to be as
impartial as possible and there’s three judges that judge each class so even if
one person had an opinion and it was not the right opinion if we can get to be
overridden by the other team kind of dues these are beautiful and you can you
know loved your talk can you give while we’re looking through some of these can
you give some basic husbandry like you know I love the poison the 14 year old
kids at mom taking the test or gives them like just basic stuff for Guppies
okay what did not be 101 information okay well the most two most important
well three most important things about raising show Guppies is start with the
genetics okay very best you can afford be is water quality UV is water quality
to be clean all the time before we go to before we go to sea I want to touch on
air you said spend the money on I’m going to quote you you said spend the
money on the 50 to 150 dollars on the on the on the good fish because you’re
going to drop in a 3 grand on your apology might as well at the setup is
going to cost you more than the fish it’s good the fish ultimately are going
to be the cheapest part of the adventure so by the best fish you can afford and
the person who doesn’t want you to tell you the fish is probably the last
African I was gonna yeah I try to get the fish from this you’ve got something
– he’s got something they don’t or he or she has something they don’t want to let
go I and you also gave some good advice of if you want some information out of
someone it’s best to buy them as many beers as you can to get the information
or you said you have certain people it’s a three very sick you are uh vain is it
well yeah of course of course you said like I doesn’t read them in that form
now obviously but you know you said that if you want to get the goods on how to
do some certain thing it does that’s greasing this PG if you buy the person
so yeah that’s fun but no so because a lot of the people that watching this
don’t really know just how sweet Guppies are you know enjoy and allow readers
have anywhere from fifty to two hundred tanks Wow
so if you’re going to win the grand mail overall which is the most points for
males you’re going to need pretty close to 200 changes and you talk to but if
you’re but if you’re just a young kid though I mean you want good quality
water yeah you know get some good get some good fish and just heart mole I
mean they breathing easy like just really to keep a line media mid-level 16
okay alright keep a lot I was referring more to like that young kid he wants to
you know have that thrill of breeding some right and then yet do it one or two
okay right right and then how what size tanks you said you keep most of your
breeders in like two to five gallon yeah I recommend fives and tens and we’re
good to start with okay and again sixty-eight cakes per color or
line you’re going to gap and first by the best you can get second is water
time we mostly need box filters right you showed box filter you showed a box
filter and I got a photo I’m only going box filter bottom of the head lava rock
top of it had left to media right and the water flow through it we probably
sometimes I use a tile I do a tile on the bottom of my box filter so I may or
may not erected right but the water has to be kept impeccably clean before I go
on standing on the Rays and rude water chain and you said you do either 50
percent a week or 10 percent a day every other day are you percent white so we
often run twice a week right or 20 percent every other day or ten percent a
day here’s the best ten percent of days the best way to go yeah I just feel
horrible because you’ll get less bin bird okay makes sense I think I enjoy
this one ah wonderful the water changes and then the good diet and you you had a
whole big rat list of what how you made your diet right we the most important
thing is the light baby right the live baby right for the most importantly and
you did you did tests on library’ run trip and you also said that the black
worms tested the best for your fertility okay okay also rehash that the people
can know the difference on that now the females require more nutrition to make
babies then do the male’s okay because the eggs require a lot of fat okay so we
will supplement them things with like black worms or be part okay okay all the
guppy breeders I know depend mostly on lie baby brine shrimp okay very
difficult to raise and I saw your setup in your shower your fish room had that I
hear some albino is cool so again the user a o CI by no meaning any other
color albinos so that means any other color now you
see it’s predominantly blue out – but we do have one kind of bicolor
snakeskin albino here – nice now the next class over is the
variegated snakeskin this means they have to have a changing pattern over 60%
of the body cool and then most of them carry that pattern into the tail and the
dorsal fin as you can see yeah man that doesn’t look easy to do
no these are a difficult line because the biggest problem is getting adequate
length on the tail they don’t tend to grow enough tail and you can see some of
their tails get not thin towards the end of the tail I see that that’s one of the
problems this fish probably has the best caudal fin development has a nice sharp
edge on the scale well wonderful stuff well where can people find out some more
information about you all we’ll wrap this up thank you so much for your time
give it give it your work we will find out more about it what do you guys have
NZ got going on well we have usually six or seven shows a year throughout the
country and of course we have one in California coming up in June we have
them in the Midwest and go to IFG a org okay I have a show scheduled there our
main annual show is at the end of the year in October okay and this year it’s
in New Jersey so but the entire show schedule B and the events are going to
be held are on the web doll on the web site locations phone numbers for
everybody so phone numbers – oh yeah if there’s somebody close to you emails for
all the separate hug I got dreama I’ll spare you by putting it on there in case
you look at oh it’s all on the website every club has a guy nail up there
there’s a club close to you I encourage you to go to a show and report these
clubs of innocence is 1965 like crazy we just saw the whole video like the
patterns of detail I mean that you can get crazy fish whether you’re into
breeding them or not well that’s right if you just want to have one I have some
cool looking guppy right you come to the auction on Sunday and we sell Jenna guys
you guys all have fun to tanks fry whatever sorry listen thank you so much
scimitar having a thousand great time today and I like to say tank
take on everybody take on perfect

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