Farmer says he caught a man trying to steal his chickens

COUNTY. A WOULD-BE CHICKEN THIEF GOT CAUGHT IN THE ACT ON AN UPSTATE FARM – BUT MANAGED TO FLY THE COOP. WYFF NEWS FOUR’S MIKE MCCORMICK WITH HOW THE CRIME.. COULD LEAD TO TWO DIFFERENT CHARGES. IN THIS CHEROKEE COUNTY FIELD.. BELONGING TO THICKETTY MOUNTAIN FARMS.. TWO DOGS PROTECT THE CHICKENS.. FROM ANIMAL PREDATORS.. BUT OVER THE WEEKEND.. THERE WAS AN INTRUDOR THAT THEY COULDN’T SCARE AWAY. 12:39 “I mean he seemed pretty surprised.” BRENT BELUE SAYS HE AND HIS WIFE WERE DRIVING BY.. AND SAW A MAN ON A MOPED.. WHO USED A SPEAKER CORD TO TURN A T- SHIRT INTO A BAG. HE SAYS THAT MAKE-SHIFT BAG.. WAS STUFFED WITH FEED.. AND FIVE CHICKENS. 15:54 “i’ve never seen that, never seen it done that way.” BELUE TELLS US THE MAN DROPPED THE BAG.. AND TRIED TO DRIVE AWAY. ONE OF THE CHICKENS WAS DEAD. BELUE GOT THE OTHERS BACK. 10:19 “these birds earn me money everyday that they lay an egg.” HE SAYS THE THIEF ALSO LET THE DOGS OUT.. BUT THEY DIDN’T GO FAR. 7:15 “he kind of ran around in here like a fish in a fishbowl trying to get out.” BELUE SAYS HE RAN AFTER THE MAN.. WHO MANAGED TO MANEAUVER HIS MOPED IN A WAY THAT GOT HIM OFF THE PROPERTY. BELUE’S WIFE.. FOLLOWED HIM IN THEIR CAR.. STARTING A SLOW SPEED CHASE. 14:12 “he kind of looked a few times back at her.” HE SAYS THE MAN WENT THROUGH SOME YARDS.. AND THE WOODS.. AND GOT AWAY. NOW.. BELUE IS LOOKING FOR WAYS TO PROTECT HIS LIVELIHOOD.. 7:25 “it was really kind of funny to watch him, but I was pretty mad about it.” 34:09 “the Cherokee County Sheriff calls this is a rare crime and he says if caught, that person could face 2 charges. One for trying to steal the chickens and one because one of the chicken dies. If you have any information, call CrimeStoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC. You could get a reward. Mike McCormick, WYFF News4, in Cherokee County.”

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