Fast Ladder Trick! – Update Aquatic – Snapshot 18w11a (Minecraft with DiiKoj)

Welcome to another 1.13 snapshot video!
You can now place ladders in water and it’s fast! [shout of delight] But remember – you need to put
the ladder in a source block like this. If we for instance remove this block it
will create a flowing water block and the ladder will now create this air
pocket that it’s always used to do. Now – how can we apply this above the surface
so to speak? Well let’s say you have this fairly new world and you haven’t
collected much resources yet, but you have a branch mine down at level 11 and
you want to connect it to this area for some reason, and you want to have a quick
way of getting up and down. So I’ll show you a way. Start by digging a three-wide hole
and don’t forget the first rule of Minecraft! And when you have come all the
way down to your branch mine leave a two high gap here and then it’s time to put
the middle row back. So go up four blocks – one two three four – place a sign… place a
sign and then a bucket of water then just go up all the way. And when you’re
up you can try the fast entrance – just don’t take the wrong hole here! Perfect!
Now place ladders all the way to the top.
Now comes the time-consuming part. You need to fill every ladder block with
water. You can also do every other but that gets a little noisier, I’ll show you.
But then you fill it up from an infinite source and then either go the slow way
down… continue filling these in. You can make a lot of buckets of course if you
have the iron resources – or if you can’t stand this low sinking down into
the water you take the fast way down and then
climb up. It’s filled all the way down now. Keep the two lowest blocks dry or
you will flood your mine. But yeah this is it! This is a really simple fast way
of going up. But I promised you to show you the version where we only fill every
other block with the water. It’s just as fast but it’s a
little noisier. But thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you
next time!

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