Festival 2018 Gold Coast

The aim of Festival 2018 is to celebrate the
Gold Coast and the local artists and culture here but at the same time introduce Gold Coast
audiences to arts and culture from across the Commonwealth. Yeah the Festival really
has that sense of Take the Plunge which really for us means don’t just come see one night,
come back two or three nights and immerse yourself in this world of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Games is not just a sporting
competition it’s a gathering together of nations that have a shared cultural and collective
history and experience. Bleach* Festival is the annual signature festival
for the Gold Coast. Three years ago the City of Gold Coast identified
that we needed to be ready for the Commonwealth Games and so Bleach* being the primary organisation
that they put their investment in, were in a position to be able to partner and work
Festival 2018 and have a really big role to play within that. Which is an incredibly exciting
thing for the city, and to be able to tell those local stories on a world stage. This is a festival for the Gold Coast and
the place that it’s in. All the work that is going to be happening is on beaches, in the
parks, in the streets and hotels. It’s the location of here, so works in the Festival
really respond to the this place and these sites. We haven’t just bought shows from all around
the world, we’ve commissioned over 30 new shows for the Commonwealth. The Festival is structured around three acts.
Encounters, Change and Aspire. Encounters is where we meet the world, we
welcome the world and the world meets us. This is our chance to introduce the Festival
to the world, to bring people to the Gold Coast. That’s the kind of experience we
want in Encounters. In Change, we look a little bit deeper and
we say how do we make the world a better place? And finally Aspire, and this is where we get
to look above and beyond the everyday, where we get to say, whom might we be and how do
we finish this festival in a celebration. It’s about showcasing to the visitors that
come to the Gold Coast what an incredible city it is, that there’s a really vibrant emerging
arts scene here that is willing to take risks, which is something that I think is what making
art is all about really. It runs for 12 days. And over 12 days we can
take the audience on a journey, we can give them multiple places to enter and to encounter
arts and culture from very intimate to large scale, from very fresh and new and commissioned
and kind of challenging to really accessible and open hearted. And take them on a journey
that leads them from the initial moment of encounter through changing into aspiring and
looking beyond. And that’s what we are looking for in the
works that we have programmed in this Festival. We would love everyone to come and Take the
Plunge with Festival 2018 at the Gold Coast. It’s free and you can see everything in your
board shorts.

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