Final meeting to be held for South Billings Aquatic Center

well last night the village City Council approved 26 million dollars to build a new Aquatic Center on the south side tonight the final community meeting of the master planning stage of the project one last chance to have your voice heard get to Samantha Sullivan joining us now with more on what will be discussed Sammy well Russ in Janelle tonight a and the architects will unveil their plans for the proposed Aquatic Center it was back in October when the City Council gave the architecture firm nearly a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to create a plan for that space after talking with community members about they would let what they would like to see they’re ready to show off some of their ideas tonight this is something that our community really needs we need to step forward and and take that opportunity that’s before us and really capitalize on it not only for our local population but then also how does this Recreation Center become a draw regionally we can create a facility that doesn’t exist in the state of Montana right now and really become an a regional draw now if you would like to attend tonight’s meeting you still have time it starts at 6:30 tonight it’s happening at the Montana Convention Center off of i-90 on Midland Road Eaton says he does expect that meeting to last a little over an hour he says in the next month they do hope to have that master plan phase wrapped up so they can move into funding and making the center a reality

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