First DYMAX Visayas Regional Aquascaping Competition in CEBU

Good day! Where are we now? We are at Robinson. What are we doing here? We are going to watch a show about fish.
It is happening on the ground floor. There is a contest on Aquascape. And Flowerhorn is included, and betta.
Planted Aquariums are there. So I am excited because it’s my first time
to watch a show like that, here. How did you know? They have a group on Facebook where they posted that they are going to have this event. So, what are we waiting, here? Let’s go. Let’s go! We had a great time earlier at the contest. The aquariums were beautiful.
Let’s add another tank. No. Why? Nothing, I am the one to decide.
We’ll add more. I am inspired to see those different aquascapes. We will still have small fish, though I saw big fishes earlier. But it is nice to add more. Okay? Okay Okay, thank you for watching. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet,
please subscribe. And see you next vlog.

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