Fish Tank Legend Oliver Knott – Planted Aquarium Master at Aquatic Experience

what donna is thankful what’s up fish
tank people what is hanky ball one two three
what’s up you can say without anything one two three
what up fish tank people what’s up fish tank people
what’s up fish tank people make sure this bunch of us all ready one two three
what’s up fish tank people dude you’re good at that yeah I gotta get the intro
man one two three what’s up fish tank people
what’s up fish tank people what’s up fish tank people I got live facebook
feed I got a live camera here I want to do a little filming of Oliver cannot
because you don’t always have determined in the OSI so we’re going to show you
Oliver always sells more scapes than anyone he’s always got like I don’t know
he’s got these guys got to scapes everyone does one Oliver those two I’m
sly I they see Thomas said Thomas Tom it come here vomit disguises Gaia he studies that you
go over film Oliver just amazed farm you got to give me a shirt so I made him
give me the the rebel Holcomb skipper shirt and that’s a Tom Roland but the
rebel Hawk was paper his name is Oliver cannot and I’ve seen him film alive I’ve
seen him do many things and Thomas told me Thomas told me everyone survived on
YouTube Facebook Thomas said I can come to Germany if I were to help out and do
some ill stuff so I’m going to go to Germany with this to some time and
summer and I’m ecstatic about it yeah we do it yeah I went to the party or two he
was at the bar he was upset that I wasn’t like what’s up fishtank people in
rowdy because I’ve just discovered the co quiet streets and dudes but anyway so
I hope everybody is doing freaking well and Oliver cannot does three games today
how many teams to make say one three four three four yeah so he did I’ll show
you he did this one right here flip this around this is two-handed this is not
easy to do just freak but I go here he did that one that one and he’s doing
another one over here so I’ll show you this one the audio is going to suck
sorry but uh yeah Oliver’s got this so this is his own brand of background or
whatever and it’s got his own thing what’s up this is Lou yeah baby
bringing you the AE live burning that data for Oliver cannot see now he can’t
talk now you can talk I’m going to make it I’m going to ask him 50 questions for
Oliver knots 100 questions in an aquascape hour on how long have been
asked 100 questions while you do the scape what I do this while you do this
while you do the scape 100 questions ok Oliver where are you going next week
China we’re going to China what’s the Seine in China about the fish
we you method what is the what is the slogan we’d be you or what’s the
additional and the live the money you say the whole saying you you know you
getting any is the name of the the pronoun of fish
in China and they’re tender who called Guinea MOU and it means this
brings you money every year you have money left okay and the treasonous use
is the fish as in China so popular okay so and then Oliver told us in the talk
earlier that I thank God didn’t have to film that the Union use the right engine
or Union y’know you in you know you owe you you just so use the fish to twenty
percent of people are trying to have fish and they had the fish and so
Oliver’s going to go over there in like two days
right now we need to do two or three days eighteen hours I’m in charge we say
in German we take on schlafen Harris baroque is crazy because last time you
came here he did to escape he did escape right when he got off the plane was up
for 48 hours he did escape same dude again when he got here he’s done two
escapes yesterday this is cape number four I think in you knows you didn’t you
know you escapes bring him the money so it’s a lot of fun and I’m going to try
to come out there this summer to Germany but to us see now it’s bad Oliver wants
to do a hundred tanks in like two hours or something something crazy he’s always
pushing it which is what we like the new logo no this is our this is Oliver’s
shirt that I got this I got some boots I got number 97 there’s good-looking
girls that want your search through they came up to me yeah the good-looking
women want some so connect to telephone number now they have to get the shirt
for me though that’s the key is that get the shirts for me when I do it so yeah
man obviously always great to have you
Oliver these are going to China to compete in like 48 hours so I’m going to
go home and sleep in stuck for two days he’s going to go keep working so we like
that and then yeah it’s looking good ones
on the shirt the rebel aquascaping shirts for the bed yeah biggest man
gotta be the loop we led guys so yeah see you in an hour what’s up people yeah
asking the best way to aquascape a high end brackish tanks please oh god I don’t
want to get into Q&A with them brackish tank now the guy the guy got to let him
sink you got like so much going on a few man just get to talk and do it I’m just
holding cameras jabbing at them highly caffeinated so yeah this is a lot of fun
and then Thomas did it on video that I get to go back to Germany so he’s that
that’s permanently embedded in the internet universe so that’s fun Oliver
is a machine yeah you’ve been called a machine before Oliver aquascaping
machine Bevilaqua scapers this is cool I only go through screws
yeah but did you pick the location or you do it on your own they just go
through it just keeping the little bit sleep and then that makes it okay this
is just temporary he’s going to silicone the whole thing
this is Oliver’s design one of his design let me show all of us others
hanger let them do some stuff yes we all wish your Africa’s obviously and I’m
going to show you all of his other tanks over here we got all of us all this
escape right here to the folks show all of us all those tags these guys are
competing they’re about to be judged so we’re going to let that go
yeah he makes it look really easy stuff so there’s Esther with the Aqua Nova so
yeah so now he does all this he did this live
– which sucks I mean you don’t see me doing live stuff with a silicon because
I know either aid screw it up or well that’s it really
that’s a lot of fun what is that substrate Oliver substrate
screw ball stratum stratum flue Valka good so this is biggie last year we
didn’t do we did like a little little baby tank this year he’s doing a big
tank and you’ve got a harder work because he’s got to put the background
on more stress now kind stress this is nothing I’ve seen what you do and then while your frequent right
equipment wrong equipment I have a big screwdriver I get you on people say you
make the look people say he love a little cut like nature they say of your
state they like this thing looks like public nature yeah he’s got his own you
guys see Oliver on Instagram he’s got some crazy stuff he inspired me to do
the tree that I have out of my greenhouse if you did an anubius tree
that shrimp shrimp anubias treated our garlic our Oliver Oliver let me get you
a screwdriver just Phillips just don’t care we need to meet another one you
okay how I told okay now it’s okay okay yeah
it is this one over here what is this all over what’s this red plants red
plant of the bottom rule size for your the Mauri Mauri you got the value got
Rosa Barney Gotham who’s a fool Rosa foyers what color was foolish the
peasant whole name and I’m Sarah Donna Terra Alta Rosa folio in a key the
bigger version northern a Darrin a key is normal constitutes recycling small
one uses re constantly having this physical right okay he does want to watch benefit you know I
serious so it’s good he’s got this a cool kind of doors up there so what man
he invented to you invented yes that’s the Kennebec Dominic Dominic Alexander
after the loopy led I remember when it came out a couple of when it came out
the wall it’s been out a while though writing you know the first person types
were showing for one and a half years ago yeah good say it rapper we all ready
for the US you ready for the US market you’re going with the aquarium eat for we could be in the US with Luca led
nice so yeah I like it yeah I think it looks really slick I’ve never used it
but I like the I like the look of it I haven’t ever controlled it though
show me the controls yeah Dominic somebody gets shown to folks want to get
locked in into slightly okay a few sunbeams they’re inside so it
makes a nice atmosphere for the fish fish are chilled right
select fish the Dominic SPS open and stepless year from now on I’m going to
get technical what’s the spectral composition you guys they could change
the nanometers on them yeah you can you can control each single LEDs
clustering in right it’s single what you see and the range is from 390 nanometers
using 390 okay that was what I’m going to have green Ivy – how far up to 660
okay 392 660 nanometers okay that’s a good range and we press the light
completely over the whole thing we’re using 120 degrees of light failure and
only the high power sunbeam another 18 degree angle so that we can hold it a
high power straight down yeah okay and so go ahead Jake one generator loop it
Saudia the loopy LED goes from the 3801 a meter or two to three hundred 80
nanometer up yeah okay Dixon terrific wonderful yeah yeah it looks good thank
you another all right do you put the what was it with the bright ones going
straight down they go the powerful range yeah yeah this is a 3-1 here 3y in each
in each port there are two some beams in sight Oh guarding the controller I run
intensity and and time okay you can make your own face
low with the sunbeams oh okay we’re going to talk about if you have to say
one thing and say what’s up fish tank people
what’s up fish tank people that’s right he didn’t know he didn’t know I spoke a
little German he was like how do you speak your SBS day I don’t know the
thermal is over there I’m going over into summer say something in German
please it’s just mr. knocked on the roof yeah you said you wanna be back there me
naked oh here we go I was going to load the video now not
now edit it out what’s up guys we need to help you I need your help
we how you just told me I didn’t need a screwdriver you help me I’ll get him a
screwdriver hanging right I walk with no ass go ask the guys to flip aquatic egg
hang on hey Robert you got a Phillips screwdriver cool you have also got a
jazz combo blowing yes yeah so we’re rolling doing it Oliver over here rocking the shirt yeah
yes but she’s in a chronic experience in the copper Illinois so Oliver
phillips-head common Pineville men tomorrow I’m not Oliver people want you to say what’s up
fishtank people can you say that for us if I get you a screwdriver
while subsea sticks yeah hahaha thank you learned it from me
yeah well you know what I learned from you a shitload I watch them escape that
tank last year man changed my game of hardscape yeah they’re best for you so
yeah he’s putting this together he’s more work though last year’s did a
little baby tank this year does the big tank so I can put some bigot in you’re
good we’ll come back to this tank on

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