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hey what’s up all you fishy freaks out there it’s Ryan here from Benson’s fish room I’m here at the terminal for the airport yeah picking up another box of fish well actually four boxes of fish they’re already in the truck so let’s jump in the truck head back to the store will unbox them and see what we got [Music] so I made it back it was rush hour traffic it was terrible and I almost lost my cool about five times maybe three or four but anyway we’re back we’re gonna put some fish away Jess you’re gonna help me yeah okay that was really weird ready you ready to help you ready to do something today do it well yeah surprises we need surprises honest well I don’t know how to say what so zoness Lux is honest quarries okay [Music] mr. bucket they stuck to the back wall who’s down yeah where’d you where’d you call any sun shining belly sun shining his belly what the hell [Music] you you in the summertime you go out and you get sunshine a nice nice sunshine play a good tan shiner oh these are the ones that everybody’s been looking for oh yeah [Music] giant CEOs [Music] waterfalling you’re not gonna do the other Danielle you gonna let them look at their buddies in the tank [Music] there they are now they’re all happy German blue Rams they think we got these we’re walking [Music] please look like in the back so pretty [Music] while I’m gonna watch Jessie run over to the other side of the fish room ready go Jess let’s read all the other ranges there okay what are you doing there this is buckets [Music] spreading paint it’s good to know that a giant Daniels are schooling up [Music] there’s one Billy put them in with the zebra balls [Music] notes fish what the fish emerald Cory’s pretty good size yeah you got put them in there too [Music] while training [Music] you’ll notice that there’s gravel on this tank now there is he finally did something I asked oh one of my favorite little siblings seals [Music] oh wow [Music] got some long fins to screw that bag smells good to go with that smell-o-vision [Music] oh these are one of my favorites dwarf chain launches they don’t get very big [Music] they’re good they do well on a planet thing [Music] yep albino silver tips Tetris [Music] whoever you wrote it see it says right there there you look I buy no silver tips along with the chain bloke [Music] looks like down cats or right-side up the right side up they’re defective they’re defective cats they are definitely upside down nothing it’s a regular what this [Music] remember last Saturday she kind of had a little to be close to store down we had a little impromptu party yeah Tulsa’s never Kelsey in Brody yeah my buddies [Music] working up to so having that beer first pen holder they’re like [Music] like [Music] these are red head quite tuxedo Guffey Donna please have so much color for females [Music] mouse wait the boys look at them resume a little first [Music] it was really nice [Music] grab all those mails out Wow good morning [Music] they’re on fire [Music] Wow overly haven’t seen us before [Music] you it’s not thinking smelling [Music] Chile regulars or the cold like [Music] and you might not make it [Music] that’s not us they’re not getting to us well because we still have some over here oh so once we get them and we treat a loser form a couple batches ago but that’s there’s only out of maybe a 18 or 25 room do they start relaxed and they’re ended up at about six or eight but you know these guys are gonna be Hardy what’s that [Music] so something silver click oh oh say it again what is it something silver look hey stop seriously you can’t tell me what it says it says but look at him oh shut this award yeah [Music] Carter’s gonna love this one this is a spotted queen arabesque pink race tank right yeah tank race oh he’s climbing a help whoa damn Internet [Music] one of these days I’ll introduce you to Carter Carter’s a guy that’s been working for me for about three or four years started in one store ended up in another store now he’s in this store and he loves plecos if I knew his Instagram account I could tell you and you can find it on there he’s always posting pictures what the heck are these what are these secret or the special specialty was going to tell you that I ordered what are they [Music] and how much they cost a lot how much is a lot more than 50 bucks yeah more than 75 bucks more than a hundred bucks yeah what go fish so we have a pair oh my god check my blood pressure quick [Music] see em [Music] I don’t know screams although a picture but that fish has got to be what four inches [Music] [Music] daddy at least four inches maybe three you see if I can [Music] in mint in the wilds the males and females can live together [Music] because you know they can’t we’re gonna hear about it and you’re gonna hear about it when one kills the other seconds there more [Music] so what are they again always give me a proper face macro stoma [Music] so they’re not wild [Music] yeah I got here with me they’re here so you’re saying with just my friend [Music] so 25 nope they can’t see you nodding your head yeah they’re expensive all right but they’re so cool here that’s good business yeah that’s why I’m in charge and you’re not you like these videos make sure you like share and subscribe really appreciate it and throw a comment down below which fish is your favorite fish man I thought my blood pressure was oh I can feel it in my ears ah one of these long thin white clouds these are the long things you know it’s stuffed with in there oh my god I can’t get over [Music] how did you sneak them in on me I’m gonna talk to our salesperson so you’re not allowed redeye tetras so you don’t know it’s wandering meal today YouTube’s all over the world I know we only got like 400 and whatever subscribers I’d love to know where everybody’s from so you know what if you could put a comment below tell me where your plumbing really cool city your state whatever your country never the water to come out on the black background I’m gonna do really your destiny girl Danielle [Music] all right where were we we had to let the room air out a little bit Jesse had beans for lunch [Music] the real answer [Music] [Applause] [Music] free [Music] he’s shaking his in the Deathwish coffee The Phantom number two there you go oh you got better things – depressant [Music] it started fancy angel [Music] Jersey yeah [Music] anyway behind the sponge [Music] all right boylar time they put one of these guys in this place [Music] today’s who’s anyone oh I want that one I love it yellow ear that’s holy both got it cool well they love each other [Music] this one Diamond snakeskin [Music] regular dynamic [Music] tobacco Vinci was better real quick [Music] oh my god [Music] that’s not [Music] the better sale [Music] say goodbye to the bar [Music]

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