Fit for summer with Peter Nevill

(upbeat, energetic music) Hi everyone, my name’s Peter Nevill. I’m the wicket-keeper for the Australian and New South Wales Blues cricket teams, and a fitness enthusiast. Today, we’ll be exploring
all the different ways you can get fit and healthy in Kensington. From capoerira to crossfit,
Kensington has everything you need to get your
body in shape for summer. Let’s do it! (upbeat, energetic music) My first stop is the
University of New South Wales fitness and aquatic centre. Even though it’s on the Uni
grounds, it’s still open to the public. Their facilities are top-notch,
plus there’s a fully heated indoor swimming pool. I talked to David, one of
the trainers, to find out the best ways to work out. – What you’d want to do
is a variety of things, obviously including your cardio, which is anything that’s going to get your heart rate elevated,
but also adding in some resistance training. – Next stop is Legends Gym. Alongside your typical
weights and cardio machines, they have plenty of martial
arts classes like Muay Thai, boxing, and capoeira. I had a chat to Chris, the owner, about what makes this place unique. – I think it’s the mix between the weights and the martial arts. It’s a good combination,
and the diversity gives you more options. I think that’s the
difference between our gym and most other gyms. Right nearby is Ansak
Parade Physiotherapy, If you’re training hard
and coming up against some muscle soreness, stiff
joints, or a niggling injury, you should definitely check them out. Last stop is Atlantic Crossfit. Crossfit is a fitness
phenomenon that’s been taking over the world. It figures
a whole bunch a movements from gymnastics to weightlifting. I spoke with Carrie, one
of the trainers, on how Atlantic Crossfit has been
transforming people’s lives. – We take fully functional
movements that you use in your everyday life, like a squat, a lift, a push, and a pull, and we turn it into fun,
and exciting, and constantly varied activities that’ll
get you ready for summer. – As you can see, there
are so many different ways to get your body looking good this summer. Whether you want to hit
the gym or mix it up with some martial arts training, you can find it Kensington. Just be mindful that
there is some construction going on, but Kensington
is still open for business. So pack your gym pack, grab your trainers, and get ready to live it up locally.

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