Flood (Raw Coverage) – Binghamton Submerged in Flood Waters!!

okay here we are heart of downtown I have no idea where all this water came
from it wasn’t here earlier my guess is, like I said the further down you come, the more the waters coming over the wall it’s going coming over the
wall right here that’s the arena that red sign you see that’s the arena behind that is the BU building,
that area, water’s coming over the wall that areas flooded and it’s moving out here into Hawley Street very busy street very main street not
busy today aw.. this is City Hall mayor’s office the YMCA, the YWCA, Family
court, county court city court the State Buildings the county buildings they’re all right here they’re all right here police are going to chase me out of here in a minute..let me get what I can but that’s where all this water’s coming from it’s coming from the wall
the wall breached behind the University Center behind the
new dormitory that they’re doing and the new
residential dorm they’re building brand new dorms they’re just building it’s
not going to be ready until August thats soaked that’s where that water is coming from and again luckily we did not get rain or it
would just be worse a lot worse lot of water city hall, fire station if you’re gonna flood, I guess, let it be the fire station, they know how to take care of it wow! crazy

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