Flood (Tsunami Like) – Disaster In Binghamton, Car Was Submerged In Water (Susquehanna River)

all of this flooded in 2006 these businesses remodel eventually reopened gutted remodeling and eventually reopened McDonald’s tore down and rebuilt. that is a brand new store it’s about four-years-old. they’re going to have to do it again the river is right behind there there’s a wall, but it comes right over the wall, right down the street and these side streets going all the way
down I live up this street up the hill so I’m safe

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  • 2013 flood videos are on my playlists if you want to see them – thousands and thousands and thousands of them

  • I will look at them and thank you for posting a comment. I'm new to You Tube, as far as posting videos and hoping to attract some viewers. I hope you look at the rest of my videos. Thanks again and tell your friends.

  • Here are some websites I have created.

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