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Oh, my! This is a flood. Help! Help! But first, you need to learn about floods. Zoom in! Many of you might think that floods
are just over flowing of water! Well, it is much more than that. An event when a dry piece of land
suddenly gets submerged in water,.. ..is usually known as floods! Oh, don’t take it lightly. A flood comes in all depths,.. sometimes it is so high that you don’t
even have a place to go. The power of floods is sometimes
very dangerous, it can knock your car off and sweep
you off your feet too! Causes of floods are: Heavy rains. River overflow. Tsunami. Or hurricanes. Ice or snow melts. Breaking of dams etc. Help! So, a flood can be divided majorly
into 3 categories. Slow on-set floods. this kind of flood usually happens when
water bodies over flood their banks. As the name suggests,
this one develops slowly. Which can last for days or even weeks. Rapid on-set floods. This kind of flood lasts for a day or two. Even though it is destructive,
it still takes a little time to develop.. ..and thus giving people a chance to escape! Now comes the most dangerous of them all. Flash floods! This kind occurs within a very short time,.. ..that is, 2-6 hours, and
sometimes within minutes. This doesn’t give any time to prepare,
no warnings, no words of caution! Just destruction! But hey! Don’t lose heart! We can do our bits to prevent floods. Yes, that’s right! Planting more trees help preventing floods. The roots of plants and trees dig deep into the
soil and create spaces between soil particles,.. ..which helps in seeping and holding
on to floodwater. TRIVIA TIME! Floods can even occur in deserts! In Ancient Egypt, people relied on the Nile River floods
because they created enriched soil for farmers. So, what are the three types of floods? Well, you keep thinking and post your
answers in the comments section below. This is me Zooming out! tune in next time for more fun facts. Hey, kids! You liked my videos didn’t you? Before you go, don’t forget to cklick on the
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