Florida Coastal Office Ecotourism – Fishing in Aquatic Preserves PSA

“music plays” Something that the anglers can do that is
an immediate help is mind their fishing line. It will wind up in the mangrove, a bird will
go in after something and get tangled in it then the bird will either strangle, die, get
caught. So be very, very cognizant of what you throw back in the water, especially when
it comes to fishing line. You’ve got to be careful, for example, we
have rookeries out here and by that what we’re talking about with a rookery is, that’s
an area where birds nest. That’s an area where if you are going to fish that island,
there’s nothing wrong with fishing it, but you have to understand that you don’t want
to disturb nesting birds. You don’t want them flushed out of nests, which knocks babies
out of nests or knocks eggs out of nests. So you learn those things as you go and you develop a respect for that stuff, you have to. Seagrass is one of the most important, I always
call it the baby nursery because that’s really what the seagrass beds are all about,
so that’s where it all kind of starts, if we ruin that we’re obviously ruining the
baby nursery where all of our bait and stuff and small fish come from. Be very careful
on the flats, if you don’t know your way around, don’t go. If you are going to explore,
it’s best to put the motor up and drop a trolling motor in. Explore the area thoroughly
and learn where the deep water is. But yea, the grass flats are extremely important in
the back bays and you running over them can do nothing but damage them so it’s a good idea to be careful when you’re moving around the grass flats. With dolphin there is a love hate relationship.
They learn quickly, they know all about boats. My advice to people that fish in the back
country, if you start to have dolphin all around the boat its probably a good idea to
move but that is one of the most difficult things to do because the reason you’re there
and the reason they’re there is you’re catching fish like crazy. But the reality
is, you really should do your best to back off and respect them. “music plays”

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