Florida Coastal Office Ecotourism – Law Enforcement in Aquatic Preserves PSA

“music plays” This is a very sensitive area, we have a lot
of protected species including endangered species like the manatee, a lot of protected
bird species. They want to continue to see these animals out here, we’ve got to protect
them. Obviously, there’s more boaters on the water, there’s more tours on the water
and so there has to be a set of ground rules so everyone can have a chance to enjoy these
pieces of nature that we have out here. There are obviously laws protecting these, and depending
on what species it is and where you are, there are different levels of punishment that can
be levied depending on what kind of violations you’re involved with. Ninety-nine percent of the eco tour providers
and the people who are just out here recreating obey the law, are great stewards of the environment,
however, there’s a small percentage that don’t care, and will do things that damage
that environment and all it takes is a couple of people that can basically ruin an entire
area and make it unfit for the wildlife where they’ll move on or they won’t have a place
to nest. A lot of times these rules people don’t
even understand that are going across a seagrass flat and their motors trimmed down all the
way, they’re chopping up that seagrass and it will take years for that to come back where
all it would have taken a little bit of education, know to trim your motor up or pole off or
trolling motor off and you could have saved a significant environmental damage. But almost everything out here is a protected
preserve and we want to keep it that way. The reason you see so many animals and manatees
and dolphin and all those protected wading birds is because this is still a fairly pristine
environment and we’d like to keep it that way. “music plays

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