Florida Travel: A Guide to Thrill Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

– If you’re looking for a breathtaking, stomach-dropping, white
knuckle experience in Florida, SeaWorld Orlando’s got it. Mako’s the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in Orlando. It’s 200 feet high and it goes
an amazing 73 miles per hour on an incredibly smooth track
that’s nearly a mile long. It’s all about speed,
tight turns like a shark, and that weightless feeling you
get at the top of each hill. SeaWorld Orlando has enough
cool rides packed into the park for a full day of adventure. Manta, it’s not for the faint of heart. You ride head first, face down. It’s the only one of
its kind in the world. It twists, turns, and flips like an underwater animal encounter. Kraken is Orlando’s
only floorless coaster, where your feet actually dangle. For over two minutes, you tear around the track
150 feet off the ground, hitting 65 miles per hour. That was wild. You’re gonna love it. Little riders can experience
their first thrill on Shamu Express, a
family-friendly coaster that sails through Shamu’s Happy Harbor. Journey to Atlantis, part
roller coaster, part water ride. You’ll find yourself on
the edge of your seat, and possibly a wet one. Like mysterious creatures of the sea, SeaWorld Orlando has a crazy
assortment of coaster thrills. True coaster connoisseurs
can’t afford to miss it. ♫ Yeah, yeah, yeah

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