Florida Travel: Fun & Learning at SeaWorld Orlando

(upbeat music) – Really exciting about being here today is we’re gonna have lots of fun. See animals, ride some rides,
but also just really learn how to take care of our
planet, conservation efforts. (upbeat music) – So on this behind the scenes tour you are getting a chance
to see a lot of animals. When we’re working with
our conservation efforts a lot of times it is going
on behind the scenes. But we try to showcase
that in our information to our guests, in our exhibits, even how we’re working with our animals. (upbeat music) As people go throughout the
park they’re going to be able to talk to people from our
education and conservation team. And we really want to focus on that throughout our entire park. (upbeat music) – Oh look and say hi. Look and say hi. (upbeat music) It’s definitely a great
experience when you can bring your family somewhere where they have fun and they might not even realize
how much they’re learning. But when they leave
we’re all gonna remember something from this day. About conservation, about taking care of our planet, about helping animals. So it’s a really great opportunity when you can kind of
have both in one fun day. (upbeat music)

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