Florida Travel: South Florida’s Largest Water Park: Rapids Water Park

– It’s a beautiful and sunny
day here in South Florida, but what better way to cool off then by getting in the water? So we came to the perfect place, the largest water park in South Florida, Rapids West Palm Beach. So come with me, let’s
cool off and have some fun. (upbeat electronic music) – I think what makes the Rapids unique is the 35 water slides. There’s not a lot of water
parks in the entire country, if any, that have 35 water slides. And when I say 35, there’s everything from mild to wild. The family raft ride is something a grandparent can do with a grandchild. They’re safe, they’re
fun, you’re in a big raft. That’s probably one of
the most enjoyable things, and we have a lot of water slides. – [Ana Maria] After
enjoying some of the various exciting raft rides, how about
some friendly competition on the high-speed Rapids Racer, which features six lanes for racers to slide to the finish line while competing for the
fastest time on the scoreboard. If that’s not your speed,
how about the Flow Rider, where we can try surfing and body boarding right in the park on this continuous simulated wave system,
at 35 miles per hour. With so many unique
varieties to choose from, many visitors agree on their favorite thing to do at Rapids. – The slides because they’re safe and they’re fast, and I like to see nothing when I’m going down. – I think the best thing about the Rapids is that I have three children, one is two, and one’s nine, and that’s
such a huge age gap, and it’s really hard to find places that will please all three kids. They have things for the little ones, they have the huge
slides for my older son, it’s really great. – After all those fast-paced attractions, you might want to take a little break on the Lazy River, and relax while taking in the sites
and sounds of the park. (relaxing instrumental music) – You can really do anything
you want here, except sleep. – [Ana Maria] But after
busy day in the sun, you may indeed need a little siesta. And you can take one on the beach chairs, or for a private escape, rent a cabana complete with TVs and personal
food and beverage service. You also get a view of
the Big Surf wave pool. – My first time at Rapids. I’m having really fun at the wave pool. – And no visit to Rapids is complete without indulging in one of
their famous funnel cakes. It’s been quite a day of non-stop fun, relaxation, and excitement. Now I’m standing in front
of one of the most popular and thrilling rides at
Rapids, the Big Thunder, and I think it’s a perfect
way to complete our adventure. For more information on Rapids and other water parks in
Florida, visit our website. Now I’m about to go on
this, so wish me luck. (screaming) (relaxing instrumental music)

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