Florida Tropical Fish and Aquatic Plants

NARRATOR: If you’re looking
for a hobby that’s both
relaxing and entertaining, nothing beats an aquarium. Aquariums are pieces of art brought to life by
colorful tropical fish gliding among lush
aquatic plants that add mesmerizing,
ever-changing beauty to a home or office
setting. Perhaps you enjoyed an aquarium
as a youth… setting up and
sustaining a healthy living environment and
experiencing nature… all while learning the
responsibility of caring for a pet. Those fond memories can be
relived, or be experienced for the first time
by your own family. Because, thanks
to Florida’s tropical fish farmers, maintaining an
exciting underwater world has never been easier or
less expensive. Tetras, cichlids, angelfish.
These are just a few of the hundreds of exotic species
that thrive in aquarium
settings. Originally found
in the warm waters of South America, Africa and Asia,
today’s healthiest tropical fish are actually grown and
raised in Florida. With its warm and
subtropical climate, Florida is the ideal location
for breeding tropical fish. Under the
watchful eye of Florida’s tropical fish farmers, many
varieties of tropical fish and aquatic plants are
grown specifically for the aquarium environment.
Unlike wild-caught fish, these tropicals adjust
quickly to their new homes. VANESSA SOMMERS: Well, Florida
aquaculture fish are hardy. They’ve been raised in captivity
so they’re accustomed to living in tanks and generally are
more adapted to the prepared diets that home aquarists
would be feeding. Pellets or frozen food, they know
what that is and recognize it as a food item. They’ll
feed readily and adapt very quickly to home aquariums. NARRATOR: Raised on high-tech
farms, Florida-grown tropical fish, aquatic plants and
even corals are healthier and less expensive
than their imported counterparts. They are less
likely to harbor pests and pathogens found
in foreign waters, and their harvesting
doesn’t impact the fragile underwater ecosystems the
way collecting wild species can. A successful aquarium
is a micro-ecosystem, and no healthy fish tank
would be complete without live aquatic plants. More than just scenery, these plants offer shelter,
security and even food for the fish. They act
as natural filters, removing harmful ammonia
and providing oxygen. Over 120 different varieties of
hearty plants are grown by Florida’s aquatic plant
farmers for aquarists around the world. BRANDON MCLANE: The plant
farmers in Florida have been around
for over 60 years growing plants in the nurseries and
have learned over time to develop the best scenarios
to grow those plants in and to get them to market so
they can last well in your stores and last well for
the homeowners who end up with them. NARRATOR: For those who want the
beauty and serenity of an aquarium
in their home or office, today’s aquariums can be
personalized for virtually any preference.
And best of all, these aquatic landscapes
can be created with ease. JOHN SKIDMORE: With the
technology we have today fish tanks are really easy
to set up. The biological filters that you have now
are real simple. You can buy the whole kit, fill
it up with water follow instructions on
cleaning up the water, adding your fish to it,
you can be very successful. It’s a very easy hobby
to be in these days. NARRATOR: If you’re looking
to rekindle the aquarium experience you
enjoyed as a youth, or you want to
share this fun, educational and
exciting hobby with a new generation, Florida’s
tropical fish and aquatic plants can make it happen. Large aquarium or small, fresh water or salt water, natural setting or thematic
designs. The only limitation is
your imagination.

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