Flying Fish Unmanned Aerial-Aquatic Vehicle (UAAV) from APL

We’re working on developing a fixed-wing
aerial aquatic vehicle UAV which is able to both fly and swim and we had this
question of whether or not we’re able to use a single motor and propeller
combination to be able to achieve a water to air transition the first thing
we try to do is build a physics model and show that we could actually
transition out of the water we went to building a prototype and then test it
this is our prototype of our aerial aquatic vehicle the fuselage consists of
a foam core laid up with carbon fiber one of the keys to our design and so
we’re able to sort of change the motor speed so in water you actually keep them
the speed slower when you get the things up Olson get you nearly get one that’s
four very successful you’re able to achieve this water-to-air transition
using our current system we need a period a couple times in the design to
reduce weight improve motor performance a little bit I think there are a lot of
interesting uses for underwater surveillance and reconnaissance one
potential uses if you have a landlocked body of water and serve the cnidaria we
could fly this vehicle in about thirty miles an hour dive it down into the lake
do some reconnaissance and then actually exfil that data by coming out of the
water and bring it back to another application is if you need to actually
sparsely sample a large body of water very quickly you can fly between points
and do your sampling which faster than transition run from water but we’re
currently working on is developing an automatic control strategy when
designing an autopilot so I think that’s going to pose a lot of interesting
challenges for us

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