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My name is Dan Eisenhardt. I’m the founder
and CEO of FORM. I come from a family of swimmers. Ever since my granddad won a river crossing back
in my hometown in the 1920s swimming has been a big part of our family. So I started swimming at a very early age, and I swam
competitively as well from about the age of 9. We were also engineers, so those two things
combined meant that I had this idea of bringing a heads-up display to swimming. The domain experience that we
have as a team, having successfully launched multiple generations of smart
glasses for other sports in the past means that we don’t have to start from scratch.
We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have a solid foundation that we’re
building on top of, and that is really what has enabled us to deliver
this product. I think the design is really unique because for a
swimmer, their goggle is so important It’s the one piece that’s protecting your eyes,
and the fit has to feel comfortable so the goal here was to make sure
that our goggles feel like a real goggle not bulky, just standard. So when you put these
goggles on, it’s amazing that it just feels like a normal goggle, and I was blown away.
The fact that you have that nice comfortable feel with the tracking
of the data you’re getting in real-time. We had to respect the face in terms of
the way we went about designing this product, and the main focus was the
display and the optics. This was the delivery system for how the information
was going to get provided to the swimmer. Machine learning is all about having the right
data and having lots and lots of data and for that, we had to collect data from
both competitive and fitness swimmers. For elite swimmer levels, we had to
go to different swim clubs and work with individual swimmers, making sure that
they use different techniques, different stroke types, so that we can train
our machine learning model with a lot of examples. Through many iterations, we made the conscious
decision to go with just two buttons on the goggles. That was due to the fact that
we didn’t want the swimmer to be fumbling with the goggles at all. We wanted them to be
really focusing on their swim. It doesn’t impede your swim. When you’re in the water,
it’s kind of distanced afar that it’s not distracting. It just becomes
part of your swim. I’ve been swimming for 23 years,
so when I first saw these goggles I was immediately connected to what
FORM is trying to achieve, which is make swimming more accessible and
more efficient for all levels of swimming, and more accurately take control of their sport.

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  • How long until you start integrating with other devices? Add HR, etc.

  • How accurate measures the swimming, by flow or by GPS cause if u are in open water under currents you might be sliding and measure will be???
    Would like to understand or you recommend just for pool training

  • Will there be any third party apps or programs for the goggles? Would there be any support (SDK, documentation, such as Vuzix does) for users/developers?

  • Wow!!!

  • please, tell me how I get some… 🤲🏼

  • Great job with this video. I have a triathlon related channel and would love to review this product. Looks super interesting! Thanks so much for providing the video and all the details. 👌

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