FORM Swim Goggles – See your metrics while you swim

In your world, two tenths of a second is
everything. It’s the difference between standing atop the podium or staring up at it.
That quest for glory starts right here. 5 AM in a freezing pool. You know the drill. Come on, let’s go.
Go go go go! What you don’t know?
A little backstory… The pace clock. Invented in
1949 by this bloke. Ah, crikey! Your life in the pool revolves
around the pace clock. How are you supposed to track your
time if you can’t always see it? A bit old-fashioned, yeah? Ex-competitive swimmer Dan
thought so, too. I’m frustrated. When I swim, my face is
here, but the pace block is over there. Frustrated Dan led to action Dan.
So Dan built FORM, a company hell-bent on inventing swim goggles with a smart
display. We’re talking the same display tech found in fighter jets.
Boom! Cue flip of the script. With the FORM Swim Goggles, you’ve got
a front-row seat to in-activity readouts like stroke rate, splits, and intervals.
All displayed right in front of your eyeballs, real time. It’s almost like
your coach is right there with you. Holy sh… [whistle] We’re not here to replace this guy. We just
want to add the tech to your technique. With the FORM Swim Goggles, you can hone
your focus and accurately measure your effort so your coach can go back
to doing what he’s great at. – Time?
– 1:08.67 – Go again! If life for you is the day in and day out
grind for glory, then stop guessing and start swimming with the
FORM Swim Goggles.

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