Fort Mason To Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco Part 1 HD

You can walk or rent bikes to go to Fisherman’s Wharf from Fort Mason. It is Sunday, so there’s a Farmers’ Market At Fort Mason Center… That is the entrance to the left, but we can
see the market from the top of the hill We will go to Fisherman’s Wharf like these bikers, runners and hikers. This is the Fort Mason Farmers’ Market. It gets windy up here as you can hear. This is the backside of the best hostel in San Francisco! Alcatraz Island is viewable almost everywhere from our walk. This hill is steep but mostly the only
hill you will encounter, so don’t worry. Alcatraz ahead. Search for Exploratorium House Of Days… Because I won’t be able to record through the thick, milky, scratch glass. This water is where triathletes swim and yes, it’s very cold water. Sorry, I’ve never seen anyone fishing in this area before. I believe the Maritime Museum is free. It’s in this white building. Only triathletes and kids go in this water 😉 Notice the time? I started this trip at 1:15 PM. There are now two areas, one in back
of me and where we are going… For free Ghirardelli Chocolate! These guys are really good. Also, find him on itunes and amazon. I did! I love Kara’s cupcakes! Free chocolate! Since, there’s two places and you will be heading back this way… No excuses to not have four chocolate on this hike! This is the long line for the ice cream. You can take a cable car ride here and
back, the lines can be long though. Starbucks coffee ahead. The street ahead is all touristy area. Stay tune for part 2, Pier 39.

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