See you guys remember Frank, right Well, you know the flower horn that we got he’s in the hundred gallon underneath the 375 in that room We also got to him a new little wife You’ll also remember that we quarantined her and then added her to the aquarium with her we built a divider with this exact divider We put this it still smells like a fish tank Over the past few days. I’ve been noticing that while it was in the tank Every other day was kind of like moved over a little bit more Frank and Francine His wife or his girlfriend or whatever. They might end up being on the other side. They’re kind of facing each other I’m thinking oh great. Frank’s trying to get at her. However, I had built this to be super tight in there I was worried that I was gonna really scratch up the tank or ruin it trying to get it bought out But Frank must have been just banging on it every day Yesterday I walked in the gallery and I noticed that It was moved way more than it usually was and she wasn’t in there which of course I immediately panic thinking. Oh great Frank got to her he’s killed her because remember the size difference is absolutely astronomical Plus Frank’s not that nice of a flowerhorn He’s great with us, but you put him in with another fish and he just kills them That’s not the case I noticed we were just getting along on the other side constantly swimming together and Just in general Having a good time Look at the size difference between them the weird thing about this is that Frank technically never really gets along with Anything yet, I think for intoning her and separating them for so long Made Frank get used to her in the water. They ate together, etc Now last night I admit I was really nervous kept checking on them. But these two are getting along just fine who knows what’s gonna happen next but Don’t they look alike? Yes together. Oh Wow, I don’t know. I know this is a silly video to make and I’m extremely busy right now Which we’re going to get to in a moment what I’ve actually been up to the past two days and why there was no video Yesterday I figured I can throw this together really quickly because it’s actually pretty exciting Considering we were going to have to wait months for her to put on size These guys are getting along just fine for the past couple of days. She has no torn fins Nothing wrong with her at all. In fact, look at her just take a little peck at Frank. That was interesting typical woman Okay, don’t don’t roast be in the cards girls. Yeah So anyways, of course I had to show you guys it’s pretty exciting to see those guys getting along I’m excited to see what happens in the near future if you are as well You want to subscribe to the channel? So you don’t miss any of those videos make sure you do because the Frank videos are pretty sporadic Mm. Well the lights are just coming on now, so But it’s looking absolutely stunning The arowana look fantastic in it. I mean Once the lights come on fully will of course see them a little bit better She’s got some damaged fins and some healing there. That’s what those bumps are. But Yeah, this looks fantastic little stingray pile down there right now I don’t know you guys seem to love this scape and I do as well It looks fantastic from every angle finally I hope you guys really like this a lot of fun making you know I guess back to Frank and his girlfriend here I guess the only thing that kind of bothers me is I really wanted to remove the barrier and exploit their just having a little snack right now remove the barrier and introduce these guys to each other in front of your guys’s eyes type of thing, but you know, I think it’s pretty awesome that Frank took the barrier count by himself and did his own introductions I think we’ll add like some flower pots or something to this tank here shortly Just give them something to lay eggs on if that’s going to happen. I don’t think she’s reached sexual maturity at this point I think the main focus here is just paying attention to them making that sure that Frank doesn’t kill her and that they remain safe While they’re together, but I don’t know. Let me get your guys like thoughts and ideas on this tank too. I Want to do here shortly because I just found all of my Data that I did one thing. I also want to do here shortly is how it was all make sure I’ve never shown how the 375 was made. Well, we did little clips on Instagram and Facebook I want to run you through the history of that tank the 2,000 gallon aquarium. Did you step-by-step how this was created? I never wanted to do Step by step because at the time when this was all happening because it would’ve took months in order to give you a complete look But now that everything’s done we can truly go from when the floor was bare up until what we see today I still got to find all the footage to make that happen But if that’s something you want to see make sure you give this video a thumbs up I also want to give you guys breakdowns and updates of every tank how they started and how they are today Those are just little things I’ve been thinking about doing anyways, but a lot of these fish have been in the tanks from now So it’s bound to do an update. There’s also a few other things. I’m working on. We’ll get to eventually in the future But what I’d like to do is make sure that there are both update worthy as well as educational So if there’s anything you want to make sure that I include in those types of videos Make sure you let me know in the comment section below so we can actually do it now The reason why I’m kind of dressed like this Whoo, she’s hot out today, but the gallery’s nice and temperature controlled no video yesterday for a simple reason Yesterday morning I was up at about 8 o’clock in the morning. I got up. I used the bathroom downstairs. None of your business What I do in the morning But it’s important to tell you that part and it’s also important for me to state that it was only a pee What you’re about to see was not a number two that cost this anyways It’s a pretty old toilet this it came with the house. I was going to replace it. Like I did with my bathroom upstairs But the back of it cracked all the way down You see that now when you flush the toilet, it’s going to try to fill itself back up So this was trying to fill itself back up For about ten hours, but that water wasn’t filling the tank. It was gushing out onto the floor so for about ten hours my Basement was filling up with water On the floor to the point where it was ankle deep throat’ my entire basement about a thousand square feet I don’t know how many gallons that is I challenge one of you to figure out how many gallons that is six inches of water thousand square feet I’ve been at this for Since yesterday has been 24 hours of sucking up water And trying to get this fixed up, but you guys will remember that I also flooded my basement before that was caused by fish tanks. At least at least that’s like a Justifiable reason I’m still kind of walking through water here as you can see The floor has been mostly ripped up. I’m still working on it I got to tear up this entire floor dry it out and I got to lay a new floor this weekend Yeah, so while you guys were out enjoying the Sun I’m gonna be trapped in my basement sweating laying floors that I should have laid in the first place, but when I flooded it And I told you guys I have to replace my floors because of that flooding I never actually did I put it off? I dried it all like man looks fine The floors were actually so buckled in places. They were floating by about six inches or so I step on them and it was almost like I was on a surfboard it was so bad down here luckily There’s not too much damage. It’s just flooring. It’s all just cheap laminate flooring. I Don’t know. I’m not looking forward to it. But that’s my weekend. Yeah, that’s basically why there’s no video yesterday. I was Dealing with flooding and that sort of deal There was a few other videos as working on just had to stop them to deal with that But you guys will understand the gallery is looking absolutely fantastic though. I can’t wait to bring you guys through it I know there’s many new viewers here as well as of late and what I’d like to do for you guys in an upcoming video Here shortly is give you guys a tour of the entire gallery break it down for you show you where everything is introduce you to all the aquariums because I know that this can be Somewhat confusing at times and one of the biggest confusing things is people think this is my house No, this is a dedicated building. My house is over there. The gallery is here Maybe we’ll do a tour of both at some point. Let me know if that’s something you guys want to see ultimately though I got to get back inside finish ripping up that floor. You guys will be watching this as I’m sweating in my basement I hope you guys have a better weekend than I do

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