Frank’s Tank

ready to go Frank it’s moving day let me bring you
guys up to speed with where we’re at with Frank’s tank now you guys will
remember a few months ago I built this aquarium it’s a hundred gallons it’s
four feet long two feet wide and stands 20 inches tall I built it out of
three-quarter inch cell cast acrylic and I built it as a
grow out tank for my freshwater stingrays when we initially got them to
cover the tank I went with some polycarbonate
greenhouse roofing I’ve been using this for several years now
very cheap indestructible clear see-through you know you can’t go wrong
with it it’s just kind of ugly I had a spare a I prime HD light that’s the only
light on this aquarium lighting the whole thing I told you these can light
four-foot tanks the stand also built myself just to do it yourself stand made
of two by fours cost fifteen twenty bucks and then of course for filtration
I just used a spare canister filter that I already had on hand I thought why not
go ahead and use it in order to make sure it was cycled though I did this as
you guys know I always have some pre cycled media I’ve got blocks balls all
kinds of biological media already pre cycled in my two thousand gallon sump
filtration simply so I can start up an aquarium at any given point so I just
took a bunch of cycled media tossed it in the canister filter now Frank is a
relatively big fish he’s gonna grow to be about oh I don’t know 10 inches in
length which isn’t that long for a big cichlid like this not all flowerhorn
actually grow to be the same size either which is something you need to consider
depending on their genes and their types short body flowerhorns don’t get that
big but some flower warrants get to 14 inches for example but most will get to
boat eight to ten inches and they are very thick a lot of girth to these guys
the bikes are on the other hand will probably get to about 16 18
is total and these two will be fine in the hunter gallon for life so let’s go
ahead and get him out of here I don’t know who should we we should
move first probably going to be the bye sure
bikers are typically a little more difficult to catch simply because they
can be so wiry so if I start putting the net in causing
some commotion with Frank the buy sure is definitely not going to want to be
netted I don’t have a lot of room to work with here either and the biker
knows I’m coming so I like to typically lower the water level in these tanks
before I catch fish but this is gonna be just fine so like I said the boy sure is
a little wiry he doesn’t want to get caught I can’t blame him I wouldn’t want
to get netted either then we got him there he’s good
the biker will jump if you give him the opportunity to so I have to bend the net
to get him out of here why are you little guy oh we’ve got them the bite rads of right now might be
about eight or ten inches there he goes now of course the question is going to
be am I going to add in decorations into the aquarium short answer is probably
not big fish in aquariums tend to get injured on decorations these guys don’t
necessarily need to hide either the bike sure will be fine with the sand the
sands in there for him more than it is for Frank a lot of the times if you want
to keep a flower horn best practices is in a bear aquarium Frank’s next he
doesn’t look happy Frank will forgive me though he always has but this guy is a
big fish he’s a lot bigger than people think and he’s very strong he’s gonna
put his hips into it I’m sorry Frank going into the net my friend he’s gonna
splash a little bit cause some commotion that’s okay
squeeze the net to make sure you kick it out so into the net you’re gonna go into
the tank you’re gonna go frank-walter parameters in both aquariums match so
the temperatures are the same these guys should just go right back to acting
completely normal Frank looks absolutely stunning in this
tank I think he’s gonna like it long-term mainly because he’s gonna get
all kinds of attention here now he’s front row and center just how he wants
to be while we wait for Frank to adjust though let’s take a look at the 2000
gallon quick update on that it is doing absolutely phenomenal all the fish are
settling in the Rays are enjoying the aquarium here’s a quick idea the Frank
the the Rays are exploring the roots are going in and under them over them if you
follow me on instagram i was posting videos of the race swimming over the
roots which is absolutely stunning I love it when they do that arowana
all getting along all doing splendidly together nobody having any issues at all
look at the little ray a little pearl scaling the wall over there she’s doing
well and the big pearl everybody’s doing fine let’s take a look from the other
side here so again everybody doing fine Oh little pearl making an appearance hey
everybody I’m loving it thanks for my new home one of the black diamonds there
these guys go throughout the entire aquarium they’re enjoying it it’s
entirely more natural than anything I’ve ever created previously and you know
with big fish in big aquariums I tend not to want to have decorations you guys
have seen what happened with buddy I did my best to you know kind of decorate
that aquarium but in the end you know accidents happen and I’ve said it time
and time again you know it’s not a good idea to have daiquiri
in an aquarium with really big fish unless it’s something like this there’s
nothing really for the Erawan and to get hurt on there’s nothing for the the Rays
to get hurt on yet the tank is scaped of course I still want to add in some
plants into the corners here I want to add in some giant fowl but you know it
must be said that I don’t have access to absolutely everything at any given point
I have to wait I have to order things in just like you guys I unknown it I’m on
no different level than you guys when it comes to trying to access things but
there is one last thing that I am entirely excited about that I want to
take a moment to tell you in just two weeks in a Warrick Colorado I will be
giving a very intimate presentation at aquatic kingdoms on February 24th and
around 6 p.m. is when this is going to start it’ll be at aquatic kingdoms
aquariums I’m going to leave details and links in the description below see and
get everything you need to in order to attend with that set I’m calling it an
intimate event simply because it’s limited seats it’s not necessarily open
to the public everybody can come I’ve done that before and hundreds and
hundreds of people show up and there’s just not enough space I’ve always wanted
to do something where I could have more meaningful conversations with the people
that come and jason from aquatic wing Kingdom said why don’t we hold something
at my store where there’s limited seating we’re talking like 50 seats or
something like that do a ticketed event yeah I’m pretty excited about this event
because it’s something different something I’ve never done and and it’s
gonna be something like having a little get-together with a bunch of friends
where we can actually have conversations if you’ve ever gone to the bigger events
where there’s hundreds of people a lot of the times you only have maybe 5-10
seconds with me get a picture we shake hands and there’s a big lineup of people
wanting to do that so there’s not a lot of interaction not a lot of meaningful
conversation to be had so this is the event that we’re gonna make it happen
I hope to see many of you there oh and by the way we have Frank and Stine Frankenstein we now have a spare empty
aquarium what do we do with it

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