Freestyle Swim Nugget Lesson (Natural Breath) #swimlesson #breathing #frontcrawlbreathing

Alright here’s a little breathing nugget for
you. A lot of swimmers when they’re learning how to breathe they get very anxious because
they’re worrying about one thing, what are they worried about? They’re worried about
taking about taking a breath. What if I never get air the rest of my life! You’ve got to
relax. This is really going to help you out becoming a more efficient swimmer if you can
relax and take natural breaths with that natural body roll. Alright Dunker told me earlier
today that his water fact was actually wicked awesome. I don’t know exactly what that means
but lets check it out. Dunker, you da’ man! Did you get the other slide ready with the…okay
cool. Hey guys, hope that helped you out don’t forget to like, subscribe and to check out
the other nuggets right down below.

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