Freestyle swimming workout. Underwater kick / distance per stroke. Workout Wednesday #2

hellooooooou and welcome to workout Wednesday! On this show I will quickly go over a workout
that you can do on your own. If you want to download this workout on a
PDF format for free just go to the link in the description. This is the easy version but there are also
moderate and hard versions there. This workout is 1,500 meters or yards long. It took me 49 minutes to complete. It is mainly focus on freestyle technique,
with a bit of underwater kicking, and efficient freestyle stroke also known as distance per
stroke. We start with a 100 freestyle to warm up
Then 4 x 50 doing 25 kick on your back and the second 25 come back kicking on your stomach
but at the same time sculling. Then do 4 x 25 catch up drills for the odd
ones meaning 1 and 3 and trying to do effective strokes on the even ones. Now for the next set we will do 8 x 50 and
here is how: the first two do 25 straight arm with fast
kick, this is the sprint technique many swimmers use to swim the 50 sprint in swim meets and
it is good to practice it. Then the second 25 do freestyle DPS, meaning
covering a lot of distance with each stroke. On the 50s #3 to 6 count your strokes on each
one and drop at least one stroke every time you swim. For the last two you will need fins. Do the first 25 underwater and then come back
swimming backstroke. If you can’t do the whole 25 underwater
just go until you can and go out to breathe and come back down. For the main set we will do two times this:
8x25s where the odd ones you will push off the wall and stay in a streamline for 3 seconds
and then swim fast to the wall. The even ones will be dolphin kick on back
at a moderate speed. Then 100 recovery doing the first 50 drill
and the second freestyle. Remember to do that twice. Then to finish the main set do 4 x 50 descending
1 to 4 meaning getting faster on each 50. However, try to do each 50 with the same amount
of strokes on each one. Finally to warm down do a 50 free and 50 kick.
and stretch for 10 minutes. One last thing before we go, if you want a
new workout every time you go swimming we have a subscription service that might interest
you. This was actually a workout from this service
and was the easy version. Check it out by clicking here: Thanks for watching! Swim fast!

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