Fresh-water tank Surface/Protein Skimmer – Needed or Not???

Hello Friends !! and Welcome Back! Today’s topic is on Surface Skimming which is mostly used in Marine Tanks but… this is my freshwater tank this one too has importance of surface skimming usually in our homes aquariums they are not covered on top just have lights dust accumulates … some oily films at the water surface sometimes plant matter broken leaves snails also eat waste that keeps on floating on surface second benefit is it cleans water it becomes clearer marine tanks have protein skimmer in planted freshwater tank its a simple method to include in your tank what I use is…you need small plastic bottle, aquarium filter wool and… 1 power head can be easily asembled it gives good results I’ll show you step-step in a min will share with you advantages and problems Lets’ See how I did it so friends small bottle less than 500ml is preferred for bigger bottles you might need bigger power head had this small power head laying around for this, its sufficient 150 or 200 ml and you have to cut notches like this so that water can keep coming in it was working for around 3-4 days in my tank you can see how much debris and waste now look at the filter wool its all black, its the dust that accumulates dust from outside oily film from within tank it has become dark its perfectly working filter wool can be used you can also use normal sponge sponge should be perforated enough so that it can allow power head to suck water just fit it on the bottle mouth like this remember to keep these notches should not be fully immersed gap should be there between surface and notches simple stuff…. that can give clearer water this is not a filter just skimmer even if you wan to use it as filter its just mechanical including this sponge you can add biological media so it will work as normal filter too so friends… some people say freshwater tanks doesn’t need skimmer in fact you don’t need but if you want clearer and shinier water its a good solution and simple to make Please let me know once you use it if it benefited you how was the water clarity after using it Please comment Subscribe my channel There are interesting videos upcoming I’m going to set-up a Nano Tank very soon So please subscribe my channel press the notification bell Icon Thank you very much for watching Have a good Day!!

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