Freshwater Puffer Fish, WILD CAUGHT Puffers in the AMAZON!

what up fish tank people
dustin’s fish tanks bringing it to you in a midweek video how’s everybody doing
I hope you’re doing well nice weather makes me think of the
jungle I wish I was back in Peru wish I was on the Amazon and I can’t go there
right now but I can show you a true freshwater puffer that we pulled out of
the nets one day these suckers are the true real deal not that brackish BS
popper this is a real deal true freshwater puffer check it out what do
we got here puffer fish it’s a scientific name
privacy’ so seven I don’t know what’s going on Mises as Ellis oh yeah hell
yeah how big these get uh two inches ten two or three inches yeah and you need to
do dental surgery on a periodically Kirill or feed them lots of snails they
needed other teeth worn down yeah they get two inches we caught him on the
beach yep yourself in for a lot more so we regroup freshwater puffer true
freshwater puffer and they’re a schooling puffer too really yeah oh man
say no more I’m gonna get we got to get more of
these suckers most poppers are not schooling their individual and they
transition to brackish and salt water these don’t have to do that these are a
schooling true freshwater puffer with no need for brackish water Wow
I’m captain out six in a 33 cute for five years Wow what only lost like two
before my heater busting it’s the worst what uh would you feed him brah uh
pellet lots of pellet lots of flake how big he was gay they were about the
biggest one will show me with your fingers like three inches about three
and a half inches nice you got him here yeah I got well I got them in the
I don’t even know what Amazon I think on a beach er yeah
remember same type of thing on us on the same from a beach not we were pulling
Sol out with that stingray Sol flounder stingray yeah stingrays with them what
are you gonna line here bro she’s easily done
we’re about to go attack this in man you

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