From Hawkeye to Shedd Aquarium CEO – University of Iowa

(electronic music) – Here at the Aquarium, we
welcome two million guests a year and my job is to make sure
that we fulfill our mission as robustly as possible, and that mission is to
spark compassion, curiosity, and conservation for the
aquatic animal world. My job is to make this blue planet blue for generations to come. Connecting people to
science is really my passion and there’s no better place, obviously, than the aquarium to do that. Only looking back at it do I realize all the ancillary learning
that I was taking up at my time at the University of Iowa. So between learning things
like budgeting and financing by managing a grant, collaboration, connective tissue to your
labmates and the world beyond and then communication, all in hindsight were the
best core building skills that I needed to hold this job now. To hear and witness
these moments of delight, when that habitat glass is
dirty at the end of the day because people’s faces have
been pressed against it and they’re saying things like, “Why do you think the fish is doing that?” Or, “Look, that’s the rescued otter “that we read about in the newspaper. “Look how well he’s doing.” Eavesdropping on their conversations and realizing what you
are doing for generations of marine stewards, that fuels us. That, and a good cup of coffee.

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