– [Bryan] We have started
to stretch it out a little, look at it grow! This is so cool, look at this giant ball! (loud whirring) Look at him in there. (loud whirring) Oh my gosh, Ollie look at you! (light, upbeat music) ♫ Wherever you are ♫ That’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a
laugh in that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes looked up and said ♫ This is home ♫ Just runnin’ around
you never looked so cute ♫ Huggin’ you tight,
cuddlin’ all I could, sayin’ ♫ I am home ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me – Good morning, say good morning. (Finn babbling) Good morning snotty nose. Good morning Ollie.
– Good morning. – It is Memorial Day
today, did you know that? – Really?
Yeah, it is a holiday, but also it’s a day that we give thanks for our freedom for all the people who gave their lives. We are gonna have a fun day
today, we are really excited, but first I just got the boys dressed, and I was just lookin’ over here, and let’s check it out. So they are all now at the top. Some aren’t quite hanging yet, there’s one not hanging, but all of ’em are at the top. And one is actually a cocoon, I kinda wish we had a
camera on it all night, ’cause it basically did it in one night, it turned into a cocoon. – Ollie your caterpillars have
started turning into cocoons, do you know what they means? – Yeah, I don’t know what that means. – You don’t know what that means? – No.
– I’m gonna tell you. It means that you’re gonna
have butterflies very soon. They’ve started turning into cocoons. Hey, you wanna hang out
with Mimi and Papa today? – Yeah.
– I think they’re comin’ over. – And swim with me? – Yeah!
– Yay! – [Missy] Ollie, look what Mimi got you, what is all these things?
– You are all geared up, dude. – [Missy] He’s trying
to put his other elbow, or his knee pad on. And he’s even got Ninja Turtle gloves. – They’re fingerless
gloves, so cool, okay here, put your hand in.
– I think he’ll just feel cool. Mimi is so overprotective. Just kidding. (giggling) I will say that my mom,
she did get these for him, but she never made me wear
helmets when I was a kid. But it also it wasn’t a law.
– It really wasn’t a thing, though, it wasn’t a law,
and it wasn’t a thing. The only people who wore bike helmets were professional bike riders.
– Yeah. (mimicking growling) – Good job.
– Now your hands will be protected, ‘kay?
– Yeah. (light, rhythmic music) – [Bryan] How you feel Ollie? – Good.
– Good, yeah? He’s got all his gear on,
and he’s hoppin’ on his bike. He’s been doing so good
on his bike lately, he literally just wakes up,
wants to put on his shoes and come outside and ride on his bike. Can you balance? You gotta pick up a little speed. It’s almost time to give
him pedals, huh Mimi? (bright, rhythmic music) And they are actually
staining all the wood on our outdoor kitchen today, so it’s starting to take shape, or color. (bright, rhythmic music) Alright, Missy and I are
headed into the field. We’re gonna go grab one of
our RC car ramps for Ollie, see if he can use it with his bike. Here they are, covered in weeds. I just flipped it over and
look at the little mice. – There’s two in there.
– Look at the mice! They’re so cute! Load ‘er up, let’s do this. We gotta take a tractor to all this. What do you think about this? Is this cool? Okay, we kind of imagined you
going the other way instead. (laughing) (light, bubbly music) – [Missy] Mama’s cuttin’
up some watermelon. Ollie, you’re eatin’ watermelon? Okay.
– That’s how you know it’s summertime, is when we
break out the watermelon. – [Missy] Yes, it smells so good in here, it smells like watermelon. – [Bryan] We got a little spread, we’re havin’ some salad,
we got pasta salad, I heated up some leftover filet mignon that I cooked the other
night, and watermelon. We’re going to a barbecue tonight, but I figure we gotta get some food in us. – That’s watermelon.
– Yup. (laughing) – It kinda looks like a triangle. – [Bryan] Yeah, good job, dude. Look who woke up, our little Ninja Turtle. – He was so excited, like, “Ooo, ooo.” And now he’s like, wait a second. – [Bryan] Are you gonna
go swimmin’ with that? You can have one of those, dude.
– I would love to watch him eat lunch in this.
– I know. – He’s gonna be like a
little T-Rex, here Finn. (laughing) – [Bryan] You did it! Alright, it is time to
do something so fun, are you so excited?
– Yeah, I wanna jump in the pool. – [Bryan] (laughing) We are
going to jump in the pool, but first we have got a plan. I picked up this giant ball. – We’ve been looking
forward to this all month. – [Bryan] Yeah, are you so excited? – Yeah.
– You’re gonna go into a ball? – Yeah. – [Bryan] So we have this giant ball, we’re going to fill it with air, with our handy dandy leaf blower, and Ollie’s gonna go inside of it and he’s gonna roll on top of the water. – So excited, ball! – [Bryan] Alright, let’s do this. We have started to
stretch it out a little, look at it grow! This is so cool, look at this giant ball! Papa’s gonna open it for you. You ready, Ollie? – Stand up.
– It’s slippery. – [Jim] Stand right there, let go there. (loud whirring) – [Bryan] Look at him in there. (loud whirring) Oh my gosh, Ollie look at you! Woah!
– It’s a boy in a bubble. – [Papa] Oh it’s loud, is it loud? You gotta talk quiet.
– Say hi. – Hi! (laughing) – [Jim] He’s walkin’. – [Bryan] Look at him. Finn’s like, what’s
brother doin’ in there? Hey Ollie, how’s it feel in there? – Good.
– Good? He’s got his hands over his ears ’cause it’s so echo-y when he gets in. Oh my gosh, this is actually happening. – [Jim] You’re gonna walk on the water. – [Bryan] Walk on water! Go ahead. (Missy cheering) How cool is that dude? That is so cool, babe.
– That is cool, I wanna get in it.
– I know, I wanna do it. Now they gotta get him out. That was amazing, he walked on water with this giant ball, that is so cool. – Gimme your hand.
– There we go. Yay! – So tell me, what was it like it there? It’s loud?
– Yeah. ‘Cause he was like ah,
I think when he talked it was vibrating through the whole thing. – Wasn’t that so cool, dude? You were like a real-life hamster. – Yeah.
– Yeah, you wanna jump in the pool now? – Yeah.
– Okay, jump in the pool. (bright, upbeat music) – This is where you will be rebirthed. What’s mama doin’? (loud whirring) Isn’t that silly? My wife is Bubble Girl, you guys. (loud whirring) You’re in! How is it? – It’s loud.
– Is it loud when we talk? – No, it’s just when I talk, it’s vibrating through the whole thing, and my ears are kinda plugged. – [Bryan] Oh that’s weird. Mama’s gettin’ in the
pool in a giant ball! You ready? Oh! (laughing) (laughing) That is so cool. You okay babe? (laughing) This is the funniest thing ever. (bright, upbeat music) (Bryan laughing) (bright, upbeat music) This is what it’s like being in, it’s so loud. – Yell, ah!
– Ah! Ow, yeah, okay, yeah don’t do that. This is so weird. I’m gonna get into the
deep end right here. Hi buddy. Okay, here we go. (bright, upbeat music) Oh my gosh. – Stand up.
– Stand up Bryan, stand up! – [Jim] Alright, here we
go, he’s gonna stand up. – [Missy] Show us how you do it, Bryan. (rhythmic music) (Missy screaming) Oh my gosh! – Oh my gosh, this is crazy. – [Jim] Oh, oh, oh. – This is crazy you guys. So that’s what happens when you get into a giant hamster wheel. – [Jim] You know technically, we don’t have to let him out. – If we don’t let him out
he can’t get out, right? – Yeah, I wonder how long we
should leave him in there for? He’s just gonna get
hungry sooner or later. – [Bryan] Can someone let me out now? (bright, upbeat music) How’s the water feel, Jim? – It’s pretty good, it feels good. Dude, that was a fun slide.
– Yeah, that is a fun slide. – I’m going to go down this slide, guys. – [Bryan] Ollie is so
obsessed with this slide. Go! (Ollie screaming) Hey Finn, you wanna go down too buddy? He’s got nothin’ but a diaper on. Alright, we’re gonna see if
Finn wants to vlog himself. Woo! (laughing) Down the slide! (bright, upbeat music) There’s a turtle down there, Ollie. – Really?
– There’s a turtle right down there. – I’m going to go down and get it. – [Bryan] You wanna go down and get it? It’s right here, okay? One, two, three. (bright, upbeat music) Check out Finn in his little floaties. – That’s a good set. Even though he falls over quite a bit. – [Bryan] He likes ’em, we never used these with Ollie, but Finn isn’t as good a
swimmer as Ollie, honestly. Ollie was a pretty good
swimmer at this age. You’re looking good, dude. Go in Jimmy, go in, oh! (laughing) – [Jim] Now stand up! Go, stand up! (muffled speaking) (bright, upbeat music) – [Bryan] There you go, there you go. Woo! (bright, upbeat music) There’s a turtle right here.
– Huh? – Look, it’s underwater. (bright, upbeat music) Check out over here you guys, we have blue starfish, pink starfish, and I literally just saw
this for the first time. Isn’t that so cool? (bright, upbeat music) Missy’s in the pool!
– I’m in my pool! – [Bryan] How’s it feel babe? – It feels so nice, it’s not too cold, but it’s still a little bit chilly. But it’s so nice, I just love, I love it, I love everything about
it, I have the hiccups. (calmer, rhythmic music) (bright, upbeat music) This is the coolest thing, I love it. – We haven’t actually been in here yet. It’s pretty cool though, huh? – This is the coolest
thing, I love the waterfall, we’re really sitting behind a waterfall. And it’s just coming out,
it’s like misting us, oh, it feels so good.
– And these are gonna be lights, there’s
gonna be three lights up here too. You like it? Do you wanna jump into the pool from here? You can jump through the waterfall. No?
– You want Mama to? – It’s too gnarly for him. Papa found a very good
spot to hang our goggles. On the eel. (calm, rhythmic music) – I miss you, CJ.
– Aww. – Someday we’re going to go to your house and we’re going to swim at the new pool. – [Missy] Yeah, soon. We just made it to my aunt and uncle’s for a little Memorial Day party. CJ and Bailey are here, food is here, puppies are here, Jessie is here. – Ollie!
– Ollie! – [Missy] Little babies are here, aww. Rose just had a new baby, oh my gosh. – [Woman] Oh I just said,
there’s another one. – [Missy] You’re just a little baby. Rose just had another baby, she just had Olivia, remember when she was pregnant with her, and now she’s had another
one, this is Emma. – [Bryan] She is so cute, look at that. Missy picked her up and
she said, “I need a baby.” Not yet. (laughing) – They’re only this small for like a week. – [Bryan] I was just
thinking how funny it is, how it all works out,
you are a mother of boys and you are a mother of girls. – I know, right?
– It’s just what happens. (calm, rythmic music) Hey buddy.
– Hey. – Did you have a good day today? – Yeah.
– Yeah? After we ate dinner Ollie
came up to me on the couch, and he said, “Dada, I
had so much fun today.” And I was like, “Thank you
boy, that’s so sweet to hear.” You did have a lot of fun, didn’t you? Yeah. We are winding down now, watching a little bit of Toy Story, which is always great
to watch late at night, oh hi Karma, hi puppy. Karma, you’ve been such
a good boy lately, huh? He’s been so good with Luna, taking good care of her
and playing with her, and being nice to her. You want dinner don’t you, that’s why you’re being so friendly. He’s like, yes, food please. (laughing) Let me end the vlog real quick. I think that’s all for today’s video, I hope you guys did enjoy it, be sure to give it a
thumbs up, and subscribe. Leave a happy friendly comment below, be sure to check out that iCard for more swimming pool fun, and we
will see you guys manana. Ollie, you wanna do the honors? – Look guys.
– What? – Woody just disappeared in the bathroom, and there he is. – Yeah, Woody’s escaped
to the bathroom right now. Alright, can you say bye boop? – Bye, boop. (light, peaceful music)

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