FWP reminding public to prevent spread of aquatic invasive species

thanks for joining us Montanans are getting their boats out of winter storage and preparing to hit the water and fwp is reminding everyone to take the right steps to prevent the spread of invasive species in 2016 to Montana water bodies tested positive for invasive mussels Canyon ferry reservoir near Helena and typer reservoir near Shelby and although recent tests have not shown the presence of mussels or larvae fwp says boaters still need to take steps to prevent their possible spread to other waters in Montana boats leaving any Montana water should be thoroughly clean drained of water and dry and people traveling with any watercraft are required to stop at the inspection stations stations around kitten ferry have high pressure hot water sprayers to help flush motors and live wells and kill any invasive species that might be there Darrell Miller an aquatic invasive species inspector asks the public take this clean drain and dry method seriously everybody owns a boat nose you need to clean drain dry your boat you’re not gonna spread those aquatic invasive species around clean drain and dry your boat you shouldn’t have any problems everybody keeps doing what they gotta do even if you do clean drain and dry your watercraft it is still mandatory to stop at the watercraft inspection stations local boater programs are available to help streamline the inspection and decontamination process for boats that stay only in Canada ferry and Tiber reservoirs

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