GAME MASTER TRAPPED US in ABANDONED ESCAPE ROOM PRISON!! (with top secret mystery clues inside)

hello so Sharer’s in last vlog you saw
that Rebecca Zamolo led us to find these top-secret mystery clues at the
Game Masters house it ended up being some escape room challenge and we ended
up getting trapped by the Game Master the game master was there I don’t know
what was going on but all I know is we got trapped and I think that’s where
we’re in this jail cell we must have our next mission which is to figure out how
we can get out of this thing dis oh this is legit a jail cell okay
Grace I think first things first we gotta figure out how to unlock you keys
keys keys anything where’s the key how do we get
you unlock how do you had it Sharers common if you know how to work handcuffs
maybe we can like slide it up and down this thing we could break this bedpost
apart just slide it down get you out come on let’s see this maybe there’s a
key in here something thing with a board we can make like we can make a makeshift
forward out of it or something okay hold on let’s see stand back tres ready
don’t hit me three two one did it work no we need more of like an
axe or something sure if any of you have ever been in a
jail and you’ve been handcuffed to a bed comment down below
we need something anything look I found something what do you think what is it
puzzle pieces wait wait here grab that okay try that why would they be puzzle
piece this must be a clue wait what’s on the puzzle piece something orange and
green like a pumpkin looks kind of like a pumpkin
wait there’s like a line oh there’s something on the back maybe we got to
put this together Oh quick put it back together okay okay
you do that one I’m gonna look for some key some key type stuff let’s see look
there’s screws cranks if we can get this screw out with use this screw how do you
get a scroll which is your fingernail we wear down there oh you’re right there’s
a screwdriver screwdriver next to that box
what oh yes yes take one of these we can maybe use this
board and get the screwdriver okay this deep bars are actually pretty dangerous
you go get this okay ready you’re so close you get it reach farther
wait for the screwball that could be another clue maybe we’re
supposed to get out of this jail and we find what to that mystery box to open
the mystery box and there’s like a prize or something inside okay wait so you
just go for it just go for I want to get out of these handcuffs and we need that
screwdriver you can do this somehow I forget attach the boards together make
it even longer before this pillow seat we can do something well what’s in that
there’s something in there there’s something in it what is it another
puzzle piece whoa okay and take a look at this
there’s something in the box there’s a lock in the box we got to figure out how
to open the box what type of lock is it era we draw
they’re triangles yeah we’ve seen triangles before what good is this too
maybe the kind of puppet more puzzle pieces more puzzle pieces
something Grace if we can get you out of this whoa there’s more puzzle pieces
well there’s all right here oh I think were lit and there’s missile pieces
inside of this thing oh that’s disgusting here bring them over here so
I can work with it you make the puzzle see if it matches together on anything
these are all the puzzle pieces we have or it’s one more here take this one
match them all together we gotta get that screwdriver we can get that
screwdriver a little bit golden this is what I’m thinking
look if we take this that post off we can make like some sort
of rope grab that screwdriver come on this is this is gonna dope here we go
check this out ready now we take this sheet and this
giant piece of wood we can connect it like this and then look and stick this
board out here like this stick it through we can maybe rub it like this
ready 3 2 1 go come on these bars are cute almost like fit all the way through
it if my head is a little smaller I can fit through just so close to that that
we’re almost there like we’re we’re more than halfway we just got to figure out
what we can do to get out of here there’s something else some other type
of clues look there’s a key on that door they look how can we get that key come on come on cheers we’re so close to
getting stuff think think think think think is there anything else
toilets toilets toilets oh I’ve watched a lot of escape the videos Grace
prisoners escape through the toilet they escaped in the toilet no because you
can’t fit down there that’s way too small they like they look for bolts and
they unscrew bolts on the toilet thing and behind it as a whole wall and you
can escape behind it Oh try try to move it look sure if
there’s no bolts on this one it’s like completely cemented into the wall it
doesn’t make sense this is a different type of before bed thing Greece has the
puzzle going we’re still missing a lot of pieces keep looking around there must
be more somewhere and I think it’s a clue of how to get out of a puzzle
do you see anything but wait look up look up what no behind your head
behind your head what is that a book get it be careful
what the new English dictionary Quakers that same book that was on the ledger
that abandoned hotel well I think so cuz it’s like it’s in color oh my goodness
wait wait no it’s not look this is fake book look at this then three types of
three digit code literally three digit code there’s something yesterday pumpkin
patche house yeah sure yesterday I remember seeing numbers that pumpkin
patche house what were those even I can’t remember Sharers comment them down
below yeah let me think back to yesterday think think think think think
think think Oh eating eleven on the rocks remember that yeah yeah Jarrett in
eleven eight in eleven eight and eleven please work
come on we need some sort of quiz it worked yes it definitely worked oh
that’s what we need that’s it puzzle pieces there we go okay quick so
solve the puzzle solve the puzzle okay is that all we need these puzzle pieces
are a different time oh no what does that mean what does that
mean these two puzzle pieces must be very valuable if they were in that top
secret like book thing yeah what what’s that mean Grace comeon I think we almost
have enough pieces to complete this puzzle keep looking okay Chris I don’t
know where else they could be Mira that’s kind of gross check like up top
and down below careful oh there’s some two more pieces to work because put this
together put it together it’s got a completed that’s got a complete it quick
quick like other places great I don’t know where else I’m sure as we’ve looked
everywhere we’ve looked high we’ve looked low nothing under the toilet
nothing under your bed where else grace I don’t know what else to do
somewhere there’s gotta be a twist there’s gotta be twist think think think
what else what else what else wait Greg’s book what there’s a key on
the ground there’s a key on the ground Sharers there’s a key I gotta get that
book bug for it I could reach out and grab this one that has to be the key to
get out of here we’re so preach oh come on you’ve gotta
be joking me oh my gosh oh you’re so close so reach farther we’re here let me
try and like push it away let me try my Betsy technique you might not be able to
get this recover but maybe this key is actually keeping the Hank Hospital come
on I think that’s the key to get out get it
get it oh no try it again did you get it No
what we’re gonna do try and like stick your leg out nothing’s far enough to
reach this we need something this is this could be it this way you see that
key so close come on we’ve gotta get it thanks Grace I think what can we do I
don’t know what is that black thing all barred by these things open
well obviously just made not look people think you think you made it aluminio oh if we take our socks off we can use to
share the love song and we can rub it back and forth on the jail bars I’ll
heat up the metal and worry once we heat up the metal enough to be our way out
Grace I miss rubbing away hello who is that
hello there’s someone there wait hello hello who is that hey Rebecca Rebecca wait you’re trapped that’s the
same blanket that they covered up us or n wait Rebecca they just did there’s a
key on the floor look where’s that key role that key go
there’s a key great Hancock Hancock I think I tried everything we have puzzle
pieces mystery box everything I tried to rob the bars down
I can’t get out if we can get the magnet to the key we can pull the key over
these are magnetic yes how can we get the magnet over there oh yes wait we use
the sheet oh yeah you’re right it’s string string string key what we use for
strange strange if string great roof strength
what grace doesn’t have any and how much business yes Rebecca I got
it taking my shoes off now we really tie the shoelaces to the
magnet and then you can grab the net where you grab the key and when you
bring the key back in maybe unlock great maybe even unlock this jail cell I don’t
know what this key goes to but it’s worth the try isn’t it great
yeah hurry hurry hurry you’re going or anything so tart the hands hug chew it
off perfect tied to the magnet shoelaces are tied
let me tie mine on just like this got five okay you better not I got a
shoelaces and we see the magnet get us out of here okay here goes nothing you
ready for this here we go three two don’t lose it I got it I got it back okay sure to check our exactly vlog
get out of here okay Oh

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