GC2018 Queen’s Baton revealed

[Kurt Fearnley] I feel like the lead into the Gold Coast is that we are half way through a Greek dance. You know how the beat just continually gets quicker. We think that right now it’s exciting, it’s fun, its unveiling everyday a new aspect of the Games. But, it’s also so fun, it’s fresh, it’s invigorating. And I couldn’t imagine anything that represents that more than the Baton right here. [background music] [Sally Pearson] Oh I think it’s going
to be exciting. It’s the Gold Coast, we know how to put on a really good show and an exciting show. I think the people are going to really enjoy themselves today. And it’s nice that you have something that means something to the Gold Coast and to the Gold Coast people as well. [Peter Beattie] It does capture the spirit
and vibrancy of the Gold Coast, it’s colour, but it’s also imaginative, it’s new, it’s fresh, it’s energetic. [Kristina Clonan] It’s very slick. It’s very cool that all the countries are written on it. So, yeah it’s very exciting. And I think it really reveals the Gold Coast
as kind of a happening kind of place – which it is. So it’s awesome. [Ryan Fisher] It’s exciting. Obviously to look at it this close, you see the detail and how in-depth it is, yeah it is really cool. [Annastacia Palaszczuk] The Baton does capture the spirit and the vibrancy of the Gold Coast, but the beautiful macadamia wood, which I think is very symbolic of the native trees that are here. But also too, the composition of the recycling as well. [Peter Beattie] It’s also about sustainability. And the whole concept of taking this thrown away plastic and putting that in here sends a really good message to the world. [Mark Peters] Oh it’s fantastic. We’ve seen it go through its own journey through design. And we can’t wait now till March until we see The Queen hand it over to the first Baton runner. [Mark Peters] It’s pretty special and I think it says so much about the Gold Coast. [background music] [Sally Pearson] You live on the Gold Coast, it’s your Games, it’s their Games, they get to see it from the ground up and I think that people are starting to really realise how huge it’s going to be for everyone coming here and enjoying our city the Gold Coast. [Annastacia Palaszczuk] It’s going to
be a great opportunity to have the eyes of the world right here on the Gold Coast. [Peter Beattie] GOLDOC’s a good team and it’s a good team that’s working behind the scenes to make sure that this happens and that these are the best Games ever and they will be. [background music] [Kurt Fearnley] Having been associated with this bid since 2011, to be here today, to be the person that shows the Queen’s Baton to the rest of the world, to the rest of the Commonwealth. I’m just constantly pinching myself, that I’m even here. [background music]

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