Get Ready to Wakeboard at MBAC

Hi and welcome to wakeboarding at the
Mission Bay Aquatic Center. We’re excited that you’re taking a watersports class
with us and we hope you’re excited too. But before we can get started just need
to take care of a couple formalities. When you arrive here at the aquatic
center need to make sure you check in with our front office staff. Alright, we’re all set. My name is Scott I’ll be your instructor let’s go get you some
equipment, Okay here we are on the beach ready to get some equipment. First piece of equipment is a United States Coast Guard approved life jacket. Those are required for all riders at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. Katie why don’t you
try that on and see how it fits? When trying on the lifejacket you want to
make sure it’s a nice snug fit, that it’s not too loose and it’s going to rise up when you get in the water So be sure you an do the zipper comfortably, buckle both buckles That looks like that’s a good fit for Katie. We also offer helmets at
the aquatic center they are required for all wakeboarders under the age of 18 if
you’re over 18 you don’t have to wear one but we strongly recommend it and
they’re available in all sizes from youth small up through extra-large when
fitting a helmet same idea with the lifejacket you want to make sure it’s a
snug fit not too tight but not so loose that when you’re out on the water it’s
going to be bobbing around on you. That’s a medium. Looks like it fits Katie
alright, we’re ready to pick out a board All right now it’s time to get a wakeboard
picked out for Katie. As you can see we’ve got a lot of liquid force and O’Brien wakeboards available for you to use. Your instructor is going to help you
pick out a board that’s best for you based on your previous riding experience
and your shoe size. Based on that we’ve decided this is going to be a great board for Katie to get started on. With that being said we’ve got a wide range of boards that Katie may also enjoy based on her personal preference so we
do encourage you to write as many of the wake boards as you can throughout the
duration of your class. Now that we’ve got Katie’s equipment picked out let’s go down to the water and talk about how the class is going to work. Something that we want to mention is hand signals. It’s a great way to communicate with the driver to ensure that you’re always riding at a safe and comfortable speed. Three basic hand signals: one is faster that’s a simple thumbs up, the other one is slower
that’s a simple thumbs down, The other one is cut it. If for any reason you feel unsafe uncomfortable or you just want to get some feedback
from the instructor you can tell the driver to cut it or you can simply let go of the handle the driver will come back around to pick you up. When you’re out on the water the best place to be giving these hand signals is out to your side much easier for the driver to see that as opposed to keeping it in front
of your body. As a wakeboarder you can let go at that backhand and signal either faster slower or cut it. The one hand signal you might see from your driver is a raised closed fist. What the driver is trying to communicate to you is that he or she is about to go into a turn. When you see the driver put up that
closed fist you want to make your way back to being directly behind the boat
between the boat wakes at which point the driver is going to make that turn once the driver straightens out you can begin crossing the wakes back and forth
again. Ok, so here at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center all of our wakeboard classes run from the beach. What that means is that once Katie has her equipment picked out she’s going to come down here to the water’s edge put her
wakeboard on and sit down at the water’s edge at which point the boats going to
pull out turn around toss her the handle when she’s got the handle the boat will
drag her a safe distance from shore and when she’s comfortable and ready she’s
going to yell to the driver to hit it The driver is going to pull Katie for
one entire lap around sail bay at which point will end in the water ski and
wakeboard drop zone. In the drop zone it’s very important that you as the wakeboarder makes your way towards the beach. Once you’re a safe distance from the beach you can let go of the handle take your wakeboard off and swim over to
shore. Once you’re on shore walk back down to the beach area where the class is meeting. Ok so here we are back on the beach Katie’s completed her first run wakeboarding. Now her most important job is to be an observer for the next rider. Katie is going to hop on the boat when the next rider is ready to go and her main job on the boat is to be in charge of the flag basically when you’re in
charge of the flag you want to have the flag up when the rider is down and the
flag comes down once the rider is pulled up. Katie can also communicate to the
driver if and when the wakeboarder falls. So if you’re here at the aquatic center
for either our wakeboard freeride class or a private lesson the entire process
is the same. You’ll check in at the front office, you’ll meet your instructor, you’ll get gear picked out, but then everyone in the class will hop on board the boat. We won’t run those classes from the beach. So here we are back on the beach and katie’s just finished her run as an observer. Now she can get ready to take another run as a wakeboarder. Remember we’re excited that you chosen to take a watersports class with us and our entire instructional staff is always here to help so don’t hesitate to ask. We want to see you guys improve. So thanks again and we’ll see you on the water.

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