Getting New Aquatic Plants for Planted Aquarium

hello guys welcome back in this video
I’m unboxing new plans for my planted aquarium I bought it from aqua by Nature
dot com so if you are in India and want to buy some aquatic plan then this is the
best site for you I drop the link in the video description you can check it out
form there so I ordered a couple of plants namely jungle val haemanthus cuba and java
moss seeing at the package they are packed in good conditions a sealed
package is used to ship the plant so nothing bad at shipment so this is the
jungle val i ordered but since jungle val was not available on their website i
ordered some other plant this is haemanthus cuba pot so some damage has occurred to
the leaves i have to remove some damaged leaves and then plant them in my planted
aquarium by the way I ordered the jungle val and this is not the jungle world
this is some same bigger variety of jungle val called americana vallisneria
gigantea some weird name is given and then I bought the haemanthus cuba pot so this is a very hard plant to growth it requires high co2
high fertilizer level and more lightning so this is a advanced level plant
I am trying it out since I’m a beginner planted Aquariust it is not recommended
for me but I am trying it out so this plant is not shipped properly I
think this should be shipped in a container without substrate because most
of the leaves have been damaged you can see that many lives have damaged some
leave is left that can be planted in the aquarium so I will be keeping this in my
planted aquarium when more of the leaves come out then I will plant them in the
planted aquarium I have bought three pots of them and most of the leaves
have been damaged so this was the jungle while I am
talking about this is not a jungle Val this is called vallisneria Americana
gigantea so this is a variety of jungle Val that can be used on the background
and it is already looking good at the background you can see I have
transferred it to the discus tank and it is looking very great this cannot be
used on my small planted aquarium so I will be using it in the discus aquarium
this is my planted aquarium small nano planted tank so the plants that I
ordered like java moss and haemanthus cuba can be planted here so i am keeping the
haemanthus cuba pot in the aquarium since it is damaged and requires more leaves
to come out so when it grows out to a good condition i will plant them in my
planted aquarium so if you are also trying haemanthus cuba
make sure that you’re using a co2 cylinder because co2 is must for this
plant and also fertilizer is also required a good foundation is also
required for haemanthus cuba this is the haemanthus cuba pot i have kept it
inside my planted aquarium when it will become lush green again I will climb
down separately this is a good carpeting plan and it requires co2 conjecture also
you require iron potassium and some stress zyme for aquarium which requires haemanthus cuba or any other plants that require high co2 and fertilizer level so
i have a cheap do it yourself co2 cylinder i have made a video about it
you can check them in the cards above and it will help you to grow the hard plants
like advanced plans like haemanthus cuba so they required co2 cylinder so check
the cards and you can build a cheap co2 diffuser
using the method described in the video so in couple of weeks there will be
growing out and i will be planting them till then you have to wait and if you
are new to this channel you have to subscribe my channel to watch the
upcoming videos so that’s it for this unboxing of new
plants and where to get them I have drop links in the video description you can
check them out until next video bye and take care and thanks for watching

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