GIANT Aquarium Cookie, Corinne VS Cooking #19

Well, hello there again, internet. Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne versus cooking! Cookies… Cooking cookies… That’s right! Today, because thousands of you have suggested it, I’ll be making aquarium cookies. Actually, we’re making a GIANT aquarium cookie! That’s right, I can’t just make regular-sized cookies around these parts. So let’s get started, shall we? Alrighty, the first thing we’re gonna do is make our cookie dough. This is a very simple cookie dough recipe All it is is butter, sugar, some eggs, and flour. Not even Rob could mess something like this up. Actually, that’s probably not true, he messes everything up. Okay, I think our dough’s looking pretty good. Now all we gotta do is wrap it up in some plastic wrap and let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Whew… 30 minutes is kind of a long time. I probably shouldn’t have started this project at midnight. I’m already pretty tired. That’s alright. I’ve been doing a lot of meth lately, so… we got this! Just kidding… Meth is not funny… Kids… drugs are bad! Don’t do some of those drugs. Okay, now that our dough is ready, we just have to break off a little bit and roll it out. Make sure that you use some flour for this process because it will stick to your rolling pin and it will make you sad when it rips in half. I also realized that I need to take this aquarium cookie to the next f***ing level! So we need a cookie stencil that kind of looks like an aquarium, right? Or at least a fish bowl. Yeah… so that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna draw out a fishbowl-looking stencil Umm, does this look like a fishbowl? Wait, maybe if I just turn it upside down… Ha! There it is! Wonderful! Yeah! Now I’m just gonna cut out my design and then go back to my stencil and draw another circle in there and then cut that out and then cut THAT out of the dough! And voila! It’s looking pretty fishbowl-y up in here. I Like it! Now, It’s Jolly Rancher time. I’m actually kind of nervous I won’t have enough. This bag only gave me three blue ones! That’s not gonna be good. I’ve gotta do two sides here! So, we may have to use some green ones. Alright, we hit the mother-load with the second bag. And holy crap, bag number three! I would have been PISSED if I got this bag and actually wanted to eat the Jolly Ranchers. Blue Jolly Ranchers SUCK, but they’re great for this purpose, so… Hallelujah! We got a crap ton of blue Jolly Ranchers now. Okay, now I’m just going to unwrap some and place them inside of my fishbowl cookie here. and I think this should be the right amount? and yeah! It looks good to me! Now we’re just going to pop into the oven, for ten minutes. Alright, the moment of truth is here. 10 minutes is up and… f**k! Oh Lord! This is not what we wanted to happen. Guys, I don’t want to have to go back to the store and get more Jolly Ranchers. Alright, I’m just going to try to cut away the stuff on the outside here. while it’s still a little warm, because I think it will be easier to kind’ve clean all this up. And actually, as it’s cooling down, things are looking a little better. I mean, sh**, this looks like art to me. It’s like an impressionist painting, up in here. Just call me Corinne Daga! Yeah, I think I may have put maybe too many Jolly Ranchers in there. and I definitely over-cooked it a tad so we’re not gonna do that next time. I’m using like three less Jolly Ranchers and I’m only gonna cook it for like six minutes. Yes! The second layer is killing it! Look how beautiful this is! I’m a f***ing confectionary god over here! People, of the world Rejoice! Alright, you may have noticed that I’m trying to get it off of my Silpat here before it cools completely. because I think this will lessen my chance of breaking it. because, if I break it.. it would break my heart. (singing Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Elton John) Alright! Now it’s time for the Fun.. fetti stuff Yeah.. I know. I’m surprised too but, listen… Do you see the little fishes here? and I’m thinking this Aqua Marine blue is going to work nicely. Yeah, I’m just going to put some of the blue frosting, in this piping bag and pipe it around the inside of the first cookie! Hey! Pipe down over there! Yeah, and I’m thinking this looks pretty good! Now, I just have to fill my aquarium with all of my little fish life. which basically is sprinkles. I’m kind of regretting these large white balls because they’re kinda big. Have you ever had that problem before? When your balls are too big? Yeah, I think I’m having that problem. Also, I just spilled them all over the f***ing floor. So f**k you balls! You’re the worst! Anyway.. Now all you have to do is place the other half of your cookie on top! Look at this! Oh wait… I BROKE IT! Why.. am I so stupid? It’s okay, this can be fixed. I think. I obviously don’t have enough frosting in there because things are going to fall out of the side so I got to put more frosting in there and for some reason, I’m totally inept at using these f***ing piping bags. I always make a mess Why? *Groaning* This stuff is all over the place. It looks like I murdered a member of The Blue Man Group But, you know, with a little bit of perseverance and dedication this could actually turn out looking halfway decent. Also, I’m kind of delirious. It is getting late, so i’m going to have to pick up this project again tomorrow. What the f**k? The crack has gotten worse. It’s like San Andreas fault line over here. It looks like crap. Hey crack, you’re really ruining my f***ing day. Also, it’s pretty humid today so some weird warping has happened and all my little water creatures Aren’t moving anymore. They’re just stuck to the Jolly Rancher. It doesn’t f***ing work. Giant aquarium cookie, for the win! kind of… Alright, Aquarium cookies, when done right, seem pretty cool but, is anyone dumb enough to eat it? Rob: I’m here *groaning in pain* *more groaning in pain* Rob: Ah, f**k! Oh no. That’s some dentist sh**. Corrine: Jolly Ranchers, two. Rob, zero. Rob: Does it look that bad? Corrine: Yeah. Rob: F**k. Well, I think that just about does it for this video. As always, we want to know what projects you want to see us make on this channel so leave your suggestions in the comments down below. Don’t forget to subscribe, like up this video, and I’ll see you later. Alligator.

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