– [Carl] Jinger is doubting
that we’re going the right way. Volcanic fart glass. – Give me a hug!
– Jinger! (laughs) (pop) – Shhh! (upbeat driving music) – Wow, you guys it is an
amazing, beautiful day. Don’t forget to subscribe
if you haven’t already because we’re going to
have an awesome blog. Jinger’s starting the car! – The sun is shining! – Interrupting the vlog…
– Yay! – While I’m trying to talk. We’re going to go diamond
mining at a glitter mine. What? – C’mon, let’s go! – Oh, jeez, okay. – Get in the car. – [Carl] We’re going to open
the sunroof for the first time. (cheers) – [Carl] Oh, and there’s palm trees! How perfectly timed was that, right? – Did you plan that? – [Carl] I didn’t plan it at all. I kinda maybe planned it a
little bit if I’m being honest. But I’m not going to
admit that on the blog. – No, this is awesome!
– [Carl] Woo! Who wants to have a pool party? – Me!
– I do! I do! – Should we do a hot tub?
Hot tub and pool party? – Yes.
– I do. – I got a great idea that’s
inspired by our friends, Jared and Ellie, where they put a bunch of those ball pit balls
and stuff in their hot tub. And then them and their
kids all jumped in it and everything, and we’ve
been wanting to do that. And I talked to Jared and everything, and they said they wanted to come down and do it with us, but it
was too short a notice. And so we’re going to do
balloons in the swimming pool, and ball pit balls in the swimming pool, and we’re going to have a
great time later this evening. Jinger is doubting that
we’re going the right way. You have your doubts. – [Jinger] That’s just
because we’ve been driving for a really long time.
– [Carl] Well, that’s ’cause– – [Jinger] We didn’t even
get on the right road, Carl. – [Carl] We did go the wrong way. But this is the right road, I promise. Right up here, on the right. And we keep saying the word right. – [Jinger] He’s been saying that. – [Carl] No, I have not!
(laughter) – [Carl] I have not been saying that. Don’t make me look bad! It’s just up here, I’m telling you. – [Jinger] I believe you.
(laughter) – [Carl] It blows my mind,
like how many motorcycle and ATV trails are just
everywhere down here. – [Jinger] Like that! (vroom) – [Carl] Southern Utah, Arizona border, all around here, just people, waugh! Just flying right up the
hills and right over here. Doesn’t that make you guys
want to ride motorcycles down here really bad?
– Yes. – [Carl] Yeah, it totally does. Oh, yup. See, look.
There it is right there. – [Jinger] I don’t see it. – [Carl] Right there on the right side. – [Jinger] I don’t see it.
– [Carl] It’s the place… – [Jinger] I don’t see it.
(laughter) – [Carl] It’s the place that’s loaded full of freaking glitter! Right there! It’s shining everywhere! – Look at all these crystals!
(laughter) – [Carl] I know, it’s just
everywhere, on the ground. – Like, last time they were
all just covered in dirt. – [Carl] There was a
lot of crystals out here last time too, but I
think what we need to do, is go down in the mine. But you can see, it’s just
like laying everywhere on the ground, it’s one of
the most unique places ever. You can just pick it up, and
it’s just like diamond mining. Like Minecraft in real life, right? – [Gage] Yes. – [Carl] What a really
cool homeschool activity. – Safety goggles. – [Jinger] Got our safety gear. – We got safety goggles. Luke forgot his sunglasses,
so we don’t have those. But this time we have chisels, and we have hammers, and
we have a big Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, right here.
(laughter) – Good luck closed captioning person, whoever’s doing that, spelling Mjölnir. You’re going to have to Google that one. There’s a “j” in there
(I know! Mythology fan. 🙂 – Oh, yeah!
– Holy schneikies! – Good luck spelling schneikies, too. (laughter) – But it’s perfect time
of day we got here, because it’s finally getting
in the shade down there. Last time we came here, we
almost all died of heat stroke, because it was 120 degrees. I mean, without even
getting down into the mine, just look at how much is
just laying on the ground. And it’s all, like, you can
take home as much as you want. It’s just free public land. You can come up here and chisel stuff up. I mean, but the goal
here is not to get, like, chunks like this, which is cool, it’s to go get like a huge
slab off of the quarry. See how the side of the hill is just all, just big shards of that, going in. It just a big solid piece,
and you wonder, like, “How did this get formed geologically?” It’s so fascinating that
this is just like here, in the ground. – [Jinger] If you look
really close, you can see the layers of rock that are just in there. – [Carl] Right, like look in here. Like here’s a huge crystal
of gypsum back in here, that’s going this way. And then other pieces going
this way, and that way. Like what happened here geologically? Like some volcanic formation
or whatever that made this, whole big crystal. It’s like, is it a volcano fart? (laughter) – Is that what caused this? – [Jinger] That’s the real question. – That’s it. It’s a volcano
fart that crystallized. – This is a sedimentary rock that forms by layers of sediment, and
then it hardens over a ton, thousands of years. – [Jinger] You learned some
of that in school, huh? That’s Luke’s guess on
what type or rock this is. – I’m still going with volcano farts. – [Jinger] Volcano farts!
(laughter) – It’s hard to break. – [Jinger] Kyle, you
have any sort of strategy on how to get a piece of
crystal out of the mountain? – Uh, only if I can use a hammer. – [Jinger] He needs a hammer. – [Gage] I’ll just use my hands. – [Jinger] That’s kind of scary. He’s got his safety goggles on. Yeah, hey, that’s a good start. All my little miners mining! – Got to get the diamond Minecraft! (sighs) – You know, pick axe and shovel and, so you can mine cart
Minecraft up with you. (laughter) – I’m trying to get this
big giant piece right here. – [Jinger] Somebody takes
this pretty seriously. – It’s a lot harder…
– Than you think it is. – Than you think it is.
Minecraft in real life. In the game, you just
like, with your bare hand can go unh, unh, unh,
unh, for like five hits, and then you’re like, “Unh! Got a chunk to put in my pocket.” (hammering, grunts) – I’ll be over here if anyone needs me. – You come do it for a minute! – I’ll be over here, I’m
taking care of the… Looking out, on-guard.
I’m looking out for… – My forearms are getting all pumped up. You got to come spell me off here. – I was guarding the trail. – I’m already tired. – Blaugh! (click) (sighs, laughter) – [Kyle] That’s a really good chunk. – [Jinger] Is that the
one you’re going for now? – Yeah. – You making a toilet out here, in case you need to go potty? (laughter)
– No! (upbeat rock music) – Getting some really cool
pieces of volcanic fart glass. And we decided to do a
really fun mini-giveaway. Where we’re going to give
away an autographed piece of volcanic fart glass. So here’s the game. Last time we came here, I want you to guess in
the comments down below, what color my shirt was. The first five people to guess correctly, or have some kind of a funny comment, that went and watched that video, we’re going to pick five of you to autograph a piece
of volcanic fart glass and we’ll send it to you in the mail. – [Jinger] Boys like glitter, too! That was really cool.
(laughter) – [Jinger] Gage likes glitter sometimes. – Whoa, that was like… – [Jinger] When he’s mining
it out of a mountain. – No, it’s diamonds, Mom. It’s diamonds from Minecraft. – [Jinger] It’s glittery, Gage. – And yes, I’m a game
geek. I’m such a game geek. – I got these ones for home. – [Jinger] Those are cool. Those are a perfect size for you. – Yeah. – [Jinger] Keep as a little
treasure. That’s fun. – Here’s the five. What
should we do with them? Should we kiss them all? – [Jinger] We can kiss them all. I heard that if we soak it in pool water, they become really like
clear, and like clean and pretty.
– In chlorine water? – [Jinger] Yeah. – Well we should scoop
some out of the pool when we go have our pool
party. That’s next. You ready? – Yeah!
– [Jinger] The pool party! Who’s ready to go have
a pool party right now? – Me!
– [Jinger] Let’s go. Everyone needs a snack and a pool party. – Yes.
– [Jinger] I’ll say this: it was a lot more
pleasant this time around with it not being 110 degrees or whatever. – It was like 100…
– [Jinger] 220, or… – In the car, it was
124, it said on the thing when we were driving home. – [Jinger] Oh, it was so bad.
– 124. – [Jinger] That’s too hot. – [Carl] Jinger’s dying inside. – It’s time for a car wash, Carl. – [Carl] Are you dying
a little bit inside? – Yes. – [Carl] Driving through
the muddy creek water. – There’s red sand all over the floor. – [Carl] Awww. One of your favorite things
is out there on the ground. – Should I see if I can pet it? – [Carl] Yes. Let me get out first. There’s a goat that got loose. – Don’t you want to say hi? – [Carl] Look at that
big billy goat up there. He is king of all the hay. – He might ram me. – [Carl] He might ram you, look. Wow. They’ve jumped over the fence, and they’re getting all the hay now. Ew, he’s a stinky goat, huh? She’s going to jump up on the
hood of the car, you watch. You better go home, Billy. You better go! – Give me a hug!
– [Carl] Jinger! (laughter) – Oh!
– [Carl] Alright. We better leave him alone. That farmer’s going to come over here and get all upset, right? Lord of the goats.
(laughter) (gasps) – [Carl] It is pool party
time under the palm trees. Pool party… It’s beeping because you
left the door open too long. – Yeah.
(laughter) – [Carl] We’ve got the
balls, and we have balloons, and fun things like that, and we’re going to have
a pool party right now. There’s nobody out here, we got
the whole pool to ourselves. Just dump it in there.
(laughter) – Whoa. – [Carl] That’s not nearly as many as I thought it was going to be! Isn’t that disappointing? – [Jinger] It looks like
there’s 10 in there. – [Carl] I know. It doesn’t
look like there’s hardly any. – [Jinger] That’s better. – [Carl] That’s more like it, I would say. Balloons in the hot tub.
Look at that! (laughs) Wow. – It’s your balloon party! – [Carl] It is a balloon
pool party for sure. I’m really glad we had this
whole pack of balloons. So we’re just going to do
a giant balloon hot tub. (splash)
– Oh. (laughter) – [Carl] Were you trying
to sit on a balloon? – I’m sorry.
(laughter) – Nice one. – [Carl] How ’bout, how
’bout this for a second? – Whoa. – [Carl] What if I turn the jets on? – That’s better.
(laughter) – [Carl] Hot tub balloon party. – Oh, my goodness.
– The jets are a little cold. – All of them are going
right to the center, so it looks like a big…oh, my goodness. – It’s a giant ball. – [Carl] It looks really fun. I really want to get the Go Pro out so I can get in with you guys. That looks way fun. Woo! We’re putting balloons
in the big swimming pool. And my voice sounds funny right now, ’cause I’m ready to go snorkeling. I’m going to go swim
underneath the balloons. I don’t know why this is so fun, but you don’t normally get
a bunch of birthday balloons and put them in the swimming pool. And so it’s kind of cool. It gives like a really cool vibe. Hey, that’s a little baby balloon. (laughter) – [Carl] Oh, here comes the pool balls. (laughter) – [Carl] Wow, it looks really cool. (water rushing, laughter) (upbeat music) (splash) (bubbling) – [Carl] Woo-hoo! (laughs)
– Whoa! (bubbling) – [Carl] Whoa, they look really
cool over here by the light. Check it out. (laughter) – [Carl] You’re trying
to hold the balloons underneath the water?
– Yeah. (splashes)
– Whoa! – [Carl] These guys
want to see what happens when you pop the balloons under the water, down underneath there.
– Yeah. – [Carl] Okay, go. (light splashes) (laughter) – I can’t pop it!
– [Carl] You can’t pop it? Can you pop it?
– I’m going to try. – [Carl] Get down under
there. Can you do it? Did you do it? I don’t know
if I got that on camera. (slow bubbles) (rubber straining) – I can’t get it! (bubbles) (laughter) (bubbbles) – Yes! – [Carl] You did it! You got it! – We’re totally going to
get kicked out of here, because every time we
try to pop one of these to clean up, it’s like this: (big pop) – Shhh! This is our only other option. (rubber squeals) (laughter) – [Jinger] That’s kind of weird. (squeals) – [Jinger] The littlest mouth of… (spluttering) (laughter) – There we go. That’s it for today’s family video. Thanks so much for hanging out with us. We appreciate you so much,
from the bottom of our heart for subscribing and
watching all of our videos, and giving them a thumbs up. And we will see you guys next time. Bye!

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