Giant Insects and Massive Cryptid bugs

Cryptid time once again here on the channel
and this time I have a creature that may make your skin crawl. Insects and arachnids are a fear of many and
yes some of them can be dangerous, from the sting of a bee to the venomous bite of the
black widow, we do have to be careful but thankfully these bugs are small and a rolled
up newspaper or a boot can easily take care of the problem. But what about if these creepy crawlers were
a little a bigger the boot may just be on the other foot. Could there be bugs out there that are not
only bigger than what we are used to but are as large as a fully grown adult? Let’s take a look Welcome
to if………………………………………………………………………….. Insect’s arachnids and Myriapods are some
of the most successful creatures on this planet they have walked crawled and flown for more
than 479 million years. They originated during the Early Ordovician
Period, and that their appearance took place along sides the Earth’s first land plants. The diversification of insects played a significant
role in shaping the planet’s first terrestrial ecosystems and to this day they play an important
role in almost every ecosystem. It is said that without them the planet would
spiral into mass extinction and possibly see the extinction of all land based life. These billions of species maybe be vital to
the planet but most are not well liked, not many people can look at a cockroach and be
overcome with that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you see a puppy. Most recoil in disgust and fear, but imagine
if that cockroach was the size of that cute puppy or even bigger. Giant insects have roamed the earth and according
to some witnesses still do. Creatures like the massive millipede known
as Arthropluera, this huge multi legged monster walked the earth round 315 to 299 million
years ago. At sizes ranging from twelve inches to giants
that were eight and a half feet long. The Arthropluera lived in the Carboniferous
period and was the largest known land invertebrate to have ever roamed planet Earth. If this thing is not terrifying enough imagine
if you will sitting outside on a nice sunny summer’s day sipping a refreshing beverage
when you hear a buzzing. You know it’s going to be an annoying fly
or possibly the potential sting delivering wasp
The thing is the buzzing grows louder and louder until it’s deafening, that because
the flying insect that is about to pay you a visit is the Meganeuropsis Permiana. A ginormous dragon fly from 94 million years
ago, The largest of all the giant bugs of prehistory, It could grow to have a wingspan
of 28 inches, and from head to tail it measured 17 inches. Thankfully today these giants have long been
extinct, but hold can get that supersized can of raid ready because like the reports
of living dinosaurs and other said to be extinct creatures giant insects are being seen! Madison County in the United States is the
location where a man says he spotted a 7-feet-tall “stick insect”. The witness who wished to remain anonymous
told the story of how he was driving home on the local highway when the giant creature
crawled into view. The witness reported to cryptozoology news;
“An object appeared in my headlights on the right side, crossing the highway, looking
like a giant walking stick with four legs, its head turned as it ran and looked at me
just before going out of lighted view.” The man provided a sketch of the insect that
he sighted. The sketch shows it to be around 7 feet tall
with a length that was equal to it height. The man went onto to say;
“It was red and moved in approximately one second or less across the whole lighted area
of my headlights. It had four legs that were elevated off the
ground”. “When it turned to me,” he said, “it
had no face. This is not the only report of giant insect
like creatures, reports periodically appear of people running into these beasties. In my recent Vietnam video I looked at the
Con Rit a giant aquatic millipede. Another interesting report comes from that
old favorite Mysterious universe, they document an account of a man on flight spotting on
of these monsters. The 32-year-old doctor was flying from Rome
to Boston it was an average flight until at 30,000 feet and over the Atlantic Ocean the
man saw a mystery creature, the doctor reported that at the same moment he was overcome by
a sudden and inexplicable sense of overwhelming dread and a feeling of nauseousness. The medical professional self-diagnosed a
panic attack that was until he looked around the aircraft and saw other passengers experiencing
the same symptoms. Suddenly he heard a loud, jolting thud on
the window of the plane, others who were sat around him also heard the noise, when he peered
out of a window to see if he could spot the cause he saw something that shouldn’t be. In a scene reminisant of that well-known Willian
Shatner episode of the Twilight Zone in which a gremlin terrorizes a man aboard a plane,
some sort of massive, beetle-like insect with a metallic green body and large segmented
eyes, had attached itself to the wing and it was somehow able to maintain a grip on
the aircraft. The doctor described the incident thusly:
It had attached to the window with a claw-like structure on its big black legs. There were hairs and hooks and some sort of
adhesive pad that apparently helped the animal stay on the plane. Then it unfastened its legs from the glass
and his green, metallic body opened up. Two wings came out, I should say “rolled
out”, like a rug. They were translucent and I could see it full
of red veins. It looked like tree branches, or a leaf. The thing glided for about 2 seconds then
it started flapping its wings, slowly. It was incredibly slow, not like a regular
insect where you can’t even see the shape of the wings. His eyes stared at us, looked like a red flashlight. After what seemed like an eternity but in
reality was just a minute or so, the giant insect vanished. The bug was seen by 10 others on the plane
with one passenger claiming to have snapped a photo. This phot has never been seen. The final cryptid giant insect is the Mantis
‘Gigante’. This huge creepy crawly is basically the same
as a regular praying mantis but is a giant, it has the body structure we are familiar
being brown or green in colour described as having armor plating and Most witnesses say
the bug has wings. Reports have said that the insect can grow
to be the size of a medium dog, standing about 4 to 5 feet in height. The Mantis Gigante was first reported in 1933,
when a woman informed local law enforcement that she saw a giant insect like creature,
describing the bizarre animal she told them it was a green color, had big wings, and that
it was around the same size as her Golden Retriever dog. She likened it to a praying mantis. She provided a more detailed description in
which she says how the strange massive insect had no antenna along with small, red eyes
located above mantis-like mouthparts. This lady was not the only person to see the
Mantis in 1940 Steven Spencer was playing with his friend near the local wood, this
is when he heard an echoing “trill” coming from the trees. Looking to the tree line to see what was making
such a sound the boy saw an insect like creature that was said to be about 3-4 feet tall. Steven described what he saw: “It was a thin,
sickly creature. It was skinny, with long ‘quills’ on its back. It looked like the praying mantis I kept in
a cage once. It was brown, with long antenna.” The story doesn’t end there the boy was
scared and ran to his home told his father who grabbed a gun, going back out to the location
the boy had been playing the man and boy were confronted with the strange cryptid. Spooked the man grabbed his sidearm and shot
at it, but it took off into the sky with a few strokes of its large thick, transparent
wings. Sightings became less common, the creature
being seen in 1955 and then again in 2000. Both of these interactions tell of a giant
mantis of the same description The latter being from a women who said “It
was like nothing I had ever seen, it was like a devil from hell.” So what could these behemoths be, are giant
insects once again evolving on the planet? It is theorized that gigantism during the
Carboniferous period could have been possible due to the atmospheric oxygen being as high
as 35%. According to this theory, giant insects could
not survive today’s decreased oxygen levels but could that be wrong could temperature
have more to do with it. Could a warming planet see another rise of
the giant insect? Let me know what you think in the comments
below. As always if you like …………………………………………………………….

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