GIRLS vs. BOYS Morning Routine!!!

UGGHH, School! Wait. Today is no uniform day. Yay, I get to wear whatever I want. Hmm, what should I wear today? Maybe This. And this. Hm, no. Mmm Maybe This. And This Hm. No Ew. Ew. oh wait, today is no uniform day. WHOOO HOOOOOO Hmm. it has to be….. (gasp) THIS DRESS! I love it, perfect. Mmm. it’s nice but, no. hmm. Ahh Oh It has to be… Hmm I’ll just go naked uh, perfect. Yay, its perfect! uh, i’ll clean that after school! Oh! Right on time. (gasp) 8:50!? Oh my gosh karina, your not eating breakfast? I have no time!

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