Giving an Orphaned Baby Manatee A Second Chance At SeaWorld

You know, we had a baby manatee brought
in from Florida fish and wildlife out of Halifax River. This baby manatee is only
a couple days old, when it arrived here at SeaWorld it actually still had its umbilical cord on which tells us it’s inside the first week/week and a half from
being old. You know right now SeaWorld rescue team
is rehabilitating this animal, and rehabilitation in a baby manatee is a lot
of steps the first thing we gotta do is get him
stable and make sure he’s getting the correct nutrition and he’s getting all
the proteins and all the sources he needs our medical team of veterinarians
are working around the clock to ensure that his health stays at the level we
need and continues to get better. Hopefully, over the next four to six
years will be able to get this animal to a point where we’re ready to return him
back to his natural environment.

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