Glen Eira Sports & Aquatic Centre Manager Paige Buse talks openly about being Accredited.

– Hi, I’m Chantal
Brodrick, and welcome along to this Fitness Australia
industry news update. It’s my absolute pleasure to
welcome along today’s guest, it’s Paige Buse, the manager
of Glen Eira Leisure. Paige, welcome, and thank
you for chatting to me today. – Thanks Chantal, thanks for having me. – Now, a huge congratulations
to Glen Eira Leisure on being the first business to be Fitness Australia Quality Accredited. That is fantastic news. – Thank you, yeah we’re
really excited to be a part of the program and to be the first accredited was
a massive win for us. And yeah, we’re really
excited to be a part of it. – Tell everyone a little
bit about Glen Eira Leisure. – Yep. Okay so, Glen Eira
Leisure is encompassing GESAC, and we’ve taken on two new sites, Caulfield Rec and Carnegie Outdoor. But, we got the business a
Fitness Australia accreditation for Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre. So, Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre opened six and a half years ago. So, I was part of the
foundation team opening GESAC and it’s been really exciting to see this place grow to be what it is. So, we’re located out in
the southeast of Melbourne, in a town called East Bentleigh. And, yeah, we love it
here, it’s a massive club. We’re probably getting about
1.6 million visits a year. About 15 thousand members,
and we’re really proud of where we’ve come in the
health club specifically and our partnerships
with Fitness Australia. – Fantastic! So what was it that was the
main reason that made you decide to take part in
the Fitness Australia quality accreditation program? – Well, we’ve been a part
of the gold star system that we had probably about,
was that three years ago with Fitness Australia?
– Yeah a few years ago, yep. – We all came up to Sydney and we went through the process then. And I have to say, we were so impressed by the way we were audited and
how thorough everything was. We were actually in shock
as to how professional and thorough that process was because, you see a lot of other
auditing processes going in the leisure industry and they’ve
got nothing in comparison to what you guys delivered to us with Fitness Australia many years ago. So, when I was having a chat with, I think it was either Scott, I think it was Scott
Bumpstead down in Melbourne. And he said, we’re going to be releasing a better process now, it’s something new, it’s
something different. You’ve frozen. (laughing)
No we’re back, we’re all good? – We’re all good, I think we’re all good. (laughing) – Oh good, oh good. Yeah, we thought we’d love
to be a part of it again, and we were really impressed
again with the process that we’ve just gone through this year. – So tell me Paige, from actually
going through that process with your business, what do you feel, or what type of difference
do you feel the accreditation will make to your facility, to your team, and also to your community? – Look, I think for the community, it’s that beautiful stamp of approval that they know what
they’re getting from GESAC is of top tier, and what we’re delivering is what we’re saying
we’re going to deliver. And everyone is qualified. And I know that a big part of this was trying to get the standards
lifted in the fitness industry. And that’s personally something that I’m hugely passionate about. I’ve been in the industry
since I was 18 years old, and I really believe that we
need to lift our standards, and lift the reputation that we have especially with mental health providers, so that they will start referring to us and seeing us as a serious stakeholder in their client’s health and wellbeing. So for us, it’s been
huge to be able to say yes, we’ve got a tick of approval, we’re running a tight ship here. Yes, you can refer your clients to us. And then, generally I think the staff see that they’re working for an organization that has our standards
at the front of mind. So, it’s been great for our
community and for our staff. – You mentioned about the
thorough checking process and accreditation process that
you actually went through. Were there any really outstanding things that you learned about the business that maybe you weren’t
previously aware of? Was there any real standouts? – Yes, look for us, we probably had a few blind spots highlighted to us. You know it’s all good
and well to sit here and say we’ve got this, we’ve got that, we’ve got this, you know, fabulous center. But let’s be honest, everyone’s doing a bit of a poor job in some area. So for us, it was really
highlighted to us, around a lot of our member
feedback systems and processes. So, we do the (mumbles), we do a generic GESAC survey as well. But, Fitness Australia actually
picked us up a lot in areas where we could be better
at what we were doing. So, especially in that regard, when it came to member engagement. But, just the level that they went to with the traffic light system as well, showing, are you doing okay at this. The statistics, we looked at immediately. This really is your next priority. The documents made it really easy for my staff and my team
to pick up and utilize. Which was really important,
because what’s the use in going through an auditing process and then just popping
it in your drawer and never looking at it again. Whereas, it’s a tool now
that my health club team have to look at and to really reference back at where are we going, what are we doing, and what are the standards
that we’ve committed to. We’ve said we’re going to do it and now it’s right in front
of you, we’re gonna do it. – Paige, now that you
and the team from GESAC have gone through the process, what would you actually say to other owners and managers out
there that are considering going through the Fitness Australia quality accreditation process? – Oh, you have to do it. Like, we as a fitness community, we have to lift these standards. So, it’s not just for the better of your individual center, it’s for the betterment
of the whole community, the whole fitness community. So that we can be lifting standards, and this isn’t something
that’s gonna happen overnight. It’s not that a couple
of us have, you know, done the process, or got accredited. This is going to be something that goes on for quite a long time. And it allows us to lift our standards as a fitness community. That allows us to have
better relationships with allied health professionals, with medical professionals, with health insurance companies as well. So, from where I sit, everyone
needs to get on board, because we need to do
it together as a group. – That is a fantastic reason, Paige. Well look, thank you so much for coming on and chatting to me today. And congratulations once
again to Glen Eira Leisure on being the very first Fitness Australia Quality Accredited business. Thanks for joining me today. – Thanks Chantal.

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